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Check Before You Buy! Two Brands’ Outdoor LED Flood Lights were Recalled By EU due to Quality Problems

Recently, Two Latvia brands’ outdoor led flood lights were exposed and recalled by the European Commission non-food products Rapid Alert System (RAPEX).

led-floodlight-recalled-by-eu-01One is made-in-China ProLight branded led flood lights, with a reported power of 7 watts, IP65 rated, item model POT0017 and product code 2770030091542. The classification code (OECDPortal Category) is 78000000 (electrical appliances) in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The second reported product was from Smile Light LED outdoor flood light made in China with a 10 watts, IP65 rated, model SLL10-FLD-840S and product code 4752075003702. The (OECDPortal) Category code is 78000000 (electrical appliances).

The two products were recalled because the flood lights cable does not fix solidly and the parts can be loosened. The user may be exposed to electrical shock when touching a live part. These products do not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European standard EN 60598.


At present, the EU has withdrawn these outdoor led flood lights from the market and taken the coercive measures of recall.



All the LED Outdoor Floodlights from China are Rubbish?

There are many cheap outdoor floodlights available on the market with no certification and even without any quality testing. Some customers blame and totally deny made-in-China LED products. But we have to realize that all the lighting companies all over the world work with Chinese LED factories, including the famous brands Philips, Osram, Sharps… Even the iPhone is made-in-China.


So not every outdoor LED flood light from China is rubbish. To have a quality and reliable supplier, you have to choose the ISO certified LED flood lights manufacturer with strict QA system.



How KYDLED Control LED Floodlights Quality?

  1. 20 persons QC team take charge of incoming materials and production inspections
  2. Integrated QC system is implemented in every production process for 4 times strictly checking.
  3. More than 300 square meters aging testing room to ensure every products testing 48hrs before shipping


Check here to more about KYD outdoor LED floodlights.

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