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    Project Description

    • LED bay lights 100W
    • LED bay lights 100W
    • LED bay lights 100W

    Hibay 100W Factory Light

    Model No.: KYD-HB-100W-A
    Power: 100W
    Voltage: AC100-277V/ 50-60Hz
    MOQ: 1pcs
    Warranty: 3 or 5 years
    Lead time: 3-10 working days
    Certification: CE/RoHS/TUV
    Payment term: Paypal/ T/T/ L/C

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    Key Features

    • Equivalent to 250W-400w metal halide high bay
    • Taiwan Meanwell driver or Philips driver
    • Top brand Orignal Philips 3030 SMD chips, LM80 approved
    • Lights efficiency up to 150lm/W
    • Passed 4000V high voltage test by TUV
    • Long lifespan and low maintenance cost
    • Our hibay factory light is patent body
    • IP65 waterproof rated
    • With pothook, Easy installation
    • Dimming,Dali control and microwave sensor functions available
    • Professional Dialux lighting design service will be offered as your demands
    • 5 years warranty

    Hibay 100W Factory Light dimension:
    We offer rectangle driver and round driver for the hibay 100W factory light. Pls see the details below:

    KYD Hibay Lumen is  higher 25%  than other competitors’s

    What KYD can Offer to You?

    Quality Driver

    KYD produce high quality hibay factory light, which use 100% real Taiwan Meanwell driver and Philips driver.

    Please note there are various kinds of fake Meanwell driver in the market. We wrote an article Does Your High Bay Lamp Equip with Fake MEAN WELL Driver?

    KYD Hibay use Meanwell or Philips driver

    Higher Lumen

    KYD LED high bay lights are more energy saving. The lumen output reach 150lm/W. (Others’ only 120lm/W)

    hibay light distribution curve

    Strict Testing

    Every led high bay from KYD is strictly tested for 48 hours, to ensure qualified products you receive.

    hibay lights testing

    Dialux lighting design system

    We offer professional Dialux lighting design system for clients demands. If you have any project need our support, pls contact us.

    KYD offer professional Dialux lighting design system

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