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GU10 9W Brightest LED GU10

Power: 7.5W/ 9W
Voltage: 220V-240V/ 50-60Hz
Lumen per watt:  110lm/W
CRI: 80ra/ 95ra
Dimmable: Yes
MOQ: 5pcs
Warranty: 2 years
Lead time: 3-7 working days for order less 2,000pcs
Certification: CE/RoHS/SAA pending

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Key Features

  • The GU10 9W is the brightest LED GU10 , which can replace 75W/100W holagen bulb
  • Unique in the market. It is KYD Private spot light model
  • LM80 test passed Epistar COB, which means our 9w led gu10 are less lights decay and color maintenance ensured
  • Stardand dimension that can install for any fittings
  • High lumen output,up to 110lm/W
  • 6063 aluminum body
  • High CRI 80ra and 95ra optional
  • Smart NXP IC Dimmable solution, smooth dimming performance, no flicking 
  • Life span over 30,000hrs
  • We offer OEM service,welcome to customize your brand GU10 downlights led bulbs

Export 125,000+pcs GU10 bulbs per Month

Every Detail of the GU10 9W Makes Its Outstanding in the Market

GU10 9W LED bulb body
  • unique private model
  • excellent heat sink design for thermal management
  • 6063 aluminum body
  • Japan imported PMMA Lens
  • light penetrate ratio over >93%
  • uniform and bright lights ensured
Japan imported PMMA Lens of gu10 downlights
LM80-passed-Epistar-COB-chip of gu10 downlight 4W
  • LM80 passed COB chip
  • light output and light color maintenance is over
    95% after 6,000hrs continuously operating testing
  • High CRI over 80ra or CRI 95ra
  • High quality and PF, stable led driver
  • NXP & Amercian Iwatt dimmable solution
  • long lifespan, over 30,000hrs
American IC control driver
KYD GU10 downlights uses heat conductive material to protect driver
  • Driver is the key of the GU10 downlights 4W LED bulb
  • KYD uses particular heat conductive material to
    protect the driver, help the heat speed to the air fast
  • Longer lifespan guarantee