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LED waterproof lights from KYDLED-one of the best LED tri proof light manufacturers and suppliers in China, We manufacture LED tri-proof lights, LED vapor tight fixtures and have more than 10 years of experience. After more than ten years of technology accumulation, we have water-proof level testing equipment, corrosion testing equipment, air tightness testing equipment, high-voltage testing equipment, surge testing equipment, etc. So before mass production of LED tri proof lights, we can ensure that the protection levels can meet or exceed the design requirements.

By cooperating with high-quality brands such as Lumileds, Osram, Philips, Lifud, Boke, etc., our products are fundamentally guaranteed in terms of quality. Therefore, our LED tri proof lights, LED shop lights, LED vapor tight lights and LED batten lights can provide 3 or 5 years warranty. If you are one of quality-centric LED batten suppliers, please contact us and become our LED tri proof lights distributor and LED batten lights wholesaler. You will get corresponding discounts and avoid after-sales problems caused by quality in the future.

LED tri proof light is a kind of lighting device with dustproof, anticorrosive and waterproof functions, so it is widely used as garage lighting, cold storage lighting, warehouse lighting, and supermarket lighting. As the best LED tri proof light manufacturer and supplier, KYDLED provides complete waterproof lights solutions for various application environments:

  1. Supermarket lighting: LED shop lights need to work continuously for more than 12 hours a day. We need to provide sufficient brightness and save power. Therefore, we need to improve the LED light efficiency and reduce the power of LED shop light fixtures. As a professional LED shop light manufacturer and supplier, the LED shop light bulbs made by KYDLED have better luminous efficiency than other batten light manufacturers on the market.
  2. Garage lighting: the best application scenario for garage lights. When the people come, we should make the LED vapor tight fixtures work at full power. In order to save energy, we need to reduce the power of LED vapor proof lights to 30% of the full power when people leave. This type of vapor tight LED covers microwave sensing function and dimming function. As the top LED vapor tight light manufacturers and suppliers, KYDLED has mature technology to produce vapor tight LED light fixtures with such functions.
  3. Warehouse lighting: It is a good choice to use smart LED tri proof lamp for warehouse lights. When someone comes, the IP65 LED tri proof light will automatically turn on, and 60 seconds after the person walks, the tri proof light LED will automatically turn off, so there is no need for people to operate the switch. And it can save a lot of power. KYDLED uses a microwave sensor on tri proof LED light. The sensing distance is up to 15 meters, and the sensitivity is higher than that of other LED tri proof light manufacturers.
  4. Cold storage lighting: Due to the particularity of the use environment, cold storage lights must be able to start normally under low temperature conditions. Of course, the airtightness of freezer lamp is also very important. As a professional LED tri proof light manufacturer, we recommended that you use our waterproof LED lights as freezer lights, because the normal working temperature of our tri proof LED lights is as low as -30°C, and the waterproof rating reaches or exceeds IP65.
LED Tri Proof Light

LED Tri Proof Light Manufacturer

LED tri proof light manufactured by KYDLED, it can be suspended or surface mounted. The heat generated by the LED is quickly transferred to the outside through the thick aluminum material, which effectively slows the LED light decay, making the tri proof LED light longer life. You can choose 0-10V dimmable IP65 LED tri proof light, dali dimmable tri proof LED light, microwave induction tri proof light LED or emergency waterproof LED light.

Specifications of LED Tri Proof Lights

2ft LED Tri Proof Lights

2ft LED Tri Proof Lights

3ft LED Tri Proof Lights

4ft LED Tri Proof Lights

5ft LED Tri Proof Lights

5ft LED Tri Proof Lights

6ft LED Tri Proof Lights

LED Shop Light Manufacturer

Shop light LED often uses batten light LED or low bay LED. The shop LED light introduced here is mainly batten LED. This series of shop LED mainly adopts the structure of plastic-clad aluminum, which has good insulation and good heat dissipation performance. It can be made into a front-to-back wiring mode, which can save wiring work when installing. We provide linkable shop lights. A set of LED shop lights can connect up to 24pcs batten lights. Of course, LED shop lights can carry the functions of microwave induction lights and emergency lights to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Specifications of LED Shop Lights

2 ft led shop light

2 ft LED Shop Light

3 ft led shop light

3 ft LED Shop Light

4 ft led shop light

4 ft LED Shop Light

5 ft led shop light

5 ft LED Shop Light

8 foot led shop lights

LED Batter Light Manufacturer

This series of LED batten lights is also called vapor tight light fixtures and  weatherproof IP65 led batten. The shell and transparent cover are made by PC plastic. Because PC has the characteristics of high strength, fatigue resistance, heat resistance, and high insulation, best LED batten lights can be used for more than 10 years. LED vapor lights can be installed with microwave sensors, emergency power supply, and it is easy to install and easy to disassemble, so vapor proof light fixture is widely used as garage LED light fixtures.

Specifications of LED Batten Lights

2ft LED Batten 01

2ft LED Batten

3ft LED Batten 01

3ft LED Batten

4ft LED Batten 01

4ft LED Batten

5ft LED Batten

6ft LED Batten 01

6ft LED Batten

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