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High-end LED strip lights come from KYDLED-the top LED strip light manufacturer and supplier in China. We focus on manufacturing LED strip lights, LED tape lights, LED rope lights, LED neon flex. Including various IP65 LED strip, IP65 LED tape, IP65 LED rope, IP65 LED neon flex and RGB strip lights, RGB tape lights, RGB rope lights, RGB neon flex. The damage rate of our light strips during the warranty period is maintained at one in ten thousand. We are one of the focusing on high-quality LED strip manufacturers and one of the well-known LED strip factory China. We produce more than 500,000 meters of various light strips every month. Therefore, we have won the favor of major LED strip light distributor and LED strip light wholesale around the world. These customers come from North America, Japan, Korea and Europe. Of course, including LED strip wholesale and LED strip distributor in developing countries that who sell high quality strip lights. As one of the best LED strip manufacturers and suppliers China, KYDLED sincerely invites you to become a local LED strip light wholesale and LED strip light distributor, and let our cooperation become a win-win model.

COB LED Strip Lights Manufacturer 01

COB LED Strip Lights Manufacturer

COB LED strip light is a new type of flexible light strip. It adopts flip-chip packaging process (LED chip is directly fixed on flexible circuit board). It has better heat dissipation performance, which can effectively slow down the light decay and extend the life span of  COB LED strip.  COB LED strip has exquisite appearance, soft light and no dark spots. KYDLED as one of the professional LED strip lighting manufacturers China, we produce IP20 COB LED strips, waterproof COB LED light strips, RGB COB LED strip lights, 3 CCT COB strips. We also manufacture Dot COB light strip, which has a price advantage compared with other COB light strips. Our COB strip lights have a luminous efficiency of 170lm/W, and provide a variety of power and a variety of input voltage options to meet different needs. 

Specifications of COB LED Strip Lights

IP20 COB LED Strip Light

IP20 COB LED Strip Light

IP65 COB LED Strip light

IP65 COB LED Strip light

RGB COB LED Strip Lights 01

RGB COB LED Strip Light

NEW Type COB LED Strip Lights

NEW Type COB LED Strip Light

SMD 2835 LED Strip Lights Manufacturer

The outstanding feature of 2835 light strip is high luminous efficiency, low price and good quality, so it is widely used. KYDLED is the leading LED strip manufacturer and supplier China, our strip LED luminous efficiency reaches 170lm/W, and the CRI is greater than 80. The use of double-sided copper foil 2oz flexible PCB has better thermal and electrical conductivity, so our LED strip has no voltage drop at 5 meters and a low voltage drop at 10 meters. Lumileds (Philips), OSRAM light strip special lamp beads, so that there will be no quality problems in using of the lamp belt. We can customize the input voltage DC 48V/36V/24V/12V LED light strip, 3 CCT light LED strip, IP65 LED strip light for you. Our LED strip lights widely used in aluminum profile and LED linear lights.

Specifications of SMD 2835 LED Strip Lights

60LEDs/M 2835 LED Strip 01

60LEDs/M 2835 LED Strip

120LEDs/M 2835 LED Strip

120LEDs/M 2835 LED Strip

60LEDsM 2835 LED Strip

180LEDs/M 2835 LED Strip

240LEDs/M 2835 led strips 02

240LEDs/M 2835 LED Strip

SMD 5050 LED Strip Light Manufacturer

Single color 5050 light strips are sold less on the market. Because  high power and high price of 5050 light source, the general single color  5050 LED strip light is 30pcs lamp beads or 60pcs light beads. KYDLED is one of the top LED strip manufacturers and suppliers China, the constant current 5050 LED light strip manufactured by us have a length of 20 meters without voltage drop, which can greatly reduce the wiring work and save installation costs. Our conventional products include input voltage DC 12V/24V 5050 light strip, 5050 outdoor LED light strips, 3 CCT 5050 light LED strip. Our LED strip lights product chain can meet your market needs, and we look forward to cooperating with you.

Specifications of SMD 5050 LED Strip Lights

5050 flex led strip light 30 LEDs/M

5050 flex led strip light 30 LEDs/M

5050 flex led strip light 60 LEDs/M

5050 flex led strip light 120 LEDs/M

RGBW LED Strip Light Manufacturer

RGB/RGBW/RGBWW LED Strip Light Manufacturer

RGB/RGBW/RGBWW LED strip lights are widely used in commercial, outdoor lighting and family atmosphere lights. RGB/RGBW LED light strips use 5050 LED beads, RGBWW LED light strip uses 5050 LED beads + 2835 light beads. The production process of multi-color strip lights is complicated, and the products of general factories will have various problems in the later use process. As one of the best LED strip lighting manufacturers and suppliers China, KYDLED has more than 10 years of experience in producing multi-color light strips, and our strip LED lights are stable and reliable. We also provide integrated solutions for RGB/RGBW/RGBWW LED strip lights, including wireless controllers, infrared controllers, dimming controllers, DMX controllers, light strip connectors, LED drivers, strip light fixing devices, etc. A complete LED strip light supply chain saves you unnecessary trouble.

Specifications of RGB/RGBW/RGBWW LED Strip Lights

5050 RGB LED Strip 60 LEDs/M

5050 RGB LED Strip 60 LEDs/M

5050 RGB LED Strip 96 LEDs/M

5050 RGB LED Strip 96 LEDs/M

5050 RGBW LED Strip

5050 RGBWW Led strip light

5050 RGBWW LED Strip

LED neon lights

LED Neon Flex Manufacturers

LED neon lights are mainly used for outdoor and indoor decoration, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, movie theaters, and even families can be designed with RGB LED neon flex. As one of the leaders neon light manufacturers and suppliers China, all our neon lights are waterproof and have passed the IP65 waterproof test. We have a professional neon flex design and production team, providing one-stop service from the layout of LED neon lights, programming of lighting effects, production of LED neon flex, installation and commissioning of neon lights. You can order neon lights of different lengths and colors from KYDLED of professional LED neon manufacturers and suppliers. Of course, KYDLED mainly produces RGB neon light strips. KYDLED provides great guarantee in quality and delivery. You are welcome to order our IP65 RGB LED neon strip lights.

Specifications of LED Neon Flex


6mm Ultra Slim LED Neon Light

Ultra Slim RGB LED Neon Flex

Ultra Slim RGB LED Neon Flex

11x19mm High Voltage Neon Flex

11x19mm High Voltage Neon Flex

16x17mm High Voltage Neon Strip Light

16x17mm High Voltage Neon Strip Light

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