Top LED Spotlights Manufacturer & Supplier in China

If you are seeking a reliable LED spot lights factory, KYDLED would be your premier choice. We manufacture an extensive range of high quality LED spotlights for your business.

Your Best LED Spot Lights Supplier

As a professional LED spot lights manufacturer in China, we produce LED spots over 10 years. And LED spot lights are our main products and the most advantaged products. We strive to design and produce the utmost quality LED spotlights to you. With over a decade LED spot lights manufacturing experience, we have created a reputation that keeps global clients coming back to us year after year.

To provide you the best LED spotlights, we design and manufacture most of the LED spot light heat sink, which can make you be unique in the market and get more profit. And we make LED spotlights’ LED drivers by ourselves instead of outsourcing, which you can reap the benefits of quality assurance and being competitive.

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KYD Manufactures Many Series of LED Spotlights for Your Business

Our factory strictly complies with ISO9001: 2008 quality management for every LED spotlights manufacturing processes. All our LED spot lights meet the international safety standards and certifications like ETL, CE, CB, ROSH, SAA, UL, etc.

We supply a wide range of LED spotlights, which cover led spotlight bulbs, led ceiling spotlights and tracking spotlights. You can even OEM your own brand with low MOQ 100pcs.

9W GU10 spotlight 03

LED Spotlight Bulbs

led spotlight manufacturer tracking spotlights

Tracking Spotlights

LED ceiling spotlights (1)

LED Ceiling Spotlights

LED Spotlight Bulbs

We manufacture various spotlight bulbs types for your choice. They are GU10 spotlight bulb, MR16 spotlight, E27 spotlight, Par lamp(Par20 spotlight, Par30 spotlight, Par38 spotlight), AR111 LED lamp, R50 spotlight bulbs, R63 spotlight bulbs, R80 spotlight bulbs, ect. All these LED spotlight bulbs are designed with excellent heat thermal management, which your can be sure that your customers are buying the spotlights bulbs can last a long time.

We have cold forging aluminum LED spot light bulbs and 6063 aluminum COB spotlights. It is featured as high lumen and high CRI. Every led spotlights must be test 48 hours and qualified before shipping.

7.5W GU10 spotlight 02

7.5W GU10 Spotlight

9W GU10 spotlight 03

9W GU10 Spotlight

5W GU10 Spotlight Bulb

6W GU10 spotlight bulb

6W GU10 Spotlight Bulb

5W Par16 LED Bulb 01

5W Par16 LED Bulb

6W Par16 LED Bulb 02

6W Par16 LED Bulb

5W MR16 spotlight

5W MR16 Spotlight

6W MR16 spotlight

6W MR16 Spotlight

8W Par20 Spotlight

12W Par30 Spotlight

18W Par38 spotlight

18W Par38 Spotlight

10W Par20 spotlight

10W Par20 Spotlight

20W Par30 spotlight

20W Par30 Spotlight

25W Par38 spotlight

25W Par38 Spotlight

G12 LED 20W Par30 spotlight

G12 LED 20W Par30 Spotlight

12W AR111 LED lamp

12W AR111 LED Lamp

R50 spotlight bulbs

R50 Spotlight Bulbs

R63 Spotlight Bulbs

R80 spotlight bulbs

R80 Spotlight Bulbs

R95 spotlight bulbs

R95 Spotlight Bulbs

Tracking Spotlights

Our tracking spotlights are widely used in shops, stores, museum and anywhere need to create atmosphere. Compared with fixed lighting, the tracking spot lighting is more flexible. You customers can easy adjust the lighting by sliding with the track spotlights when they need to relocate commodities or subjects. The tracking spot lights we manufacture have 9W/15W/30W/40W with 90lm/W. And we offer CRI 80ra and 90ra options. 

9W tracking spotlights

9W Tracking Spotlights

15W tracking spotlights

15W Tracking Spotlights

30w tracking spotlights

30W Tracking Spotlights

40w tracking spotlights

40W Tracking Spotlights

LED Ceiling Spotlights

KYD provides high-end private LED ceiling spotlights. Our ceiling spotlights adopt 6063 aluminum body with superb heat sink. It is 20 degree tunable, so that you can adjust the lighting direction. The recessed spotlights output 90lm/W-100lm/W and have a wattage of 6W/9W/12W/20W. It has narrow beam angle options: 15°/24°/36°.

6W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS106

6W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS106

9W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS106

9W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS109

12W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS106

12W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS112

20W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS106

20W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS120

6W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS206

6W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS206

7W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS206

7W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS207

12W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS212

12W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS207

20W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS220

20W LED Ceiling Spotlights KYDS207

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