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KYDLED is a best LED panel light manufacturer from China. If you are looking for a reliable and professional LED panel light supplier. Our LED panels are your best choice. We cooperate with well-known LED manufacturers, such as Philips, OSRAM. Use the brand LED driver manufacturer’s power supply in our slim LED panel, such as Philips, Lifud. Our ultraslim LED panel and ETL listed slim panel lights use anti-yellowing PS light guide plate or PMMA light guide plate. Choose a 6063 aluminum LED panel frame with excellent heat dissipation and stability. Skilled production skills and high-end raw materials make our panel lights LED have stable and reliable performance. Under the same conditions, our LED panel light price is the most advantageous.

LED panel light is also called flat LED light.  As the name implies, it is a lighting device that guides light out through a panel. Currently, there are two different light-emitting structures for LED panel lights on the market: LED edge lit panel and LED backlit panel.

The principle of edge lit LED panel light is that LED chips emit light from the side of the LED panel light frame, then distribute the light evenly on the entire panel through the light guide plate, and use reflective paper to reflect the light and lead it out from the front, finally the diffuser disperse the light more evenly and softly. At this time, the integral slim LED panel light is presented in front of your eyes.

LED backlit panel light is to evenly arrange the LED lamp beads on the bottom plate of the LED backlit panel, and then project the light directly onto the diffuser panel. The thickness of LED backlit panel light is 20mm or 30mm.

Ultra-thin LED panel light is an economical and popular LED lighting fixture. LED slim panel has the characteristics of a simple appearance, affordable price, light and easy to install. The LED panel light has a unique design. After the LED light passes through the light guide plate with high light transmittance, it forms a uniform plane luminous effect. The uniformity of the light of LED panel light is good, soft, comfortable and bright, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue. LED panel lights can also prevent radiation and will not irritate the skin of pregnant women, elderly, and children.

Smart panel lights are becoming more and more popular. We can buy LED RGB panel light, LED panel zigbee function, LED panel dimmable function, LED panel CCT function(colour changing LED panel light) in the market. We can also match some smart systems, such as dali, 0-10V, so that local lighting can be adjusted. In large offices and commercial centers, emergency LED panel lights are also particularly important. They can ensure a certain lighting demand in the event of a sudden power failure. These smart LED panel lights bring convenience and fun to our lives.

Under normal circumstances, IP44 LED panel light can meet most of our lighting environment needs. However, for bathrooms or steam rooms, we need to use IP65 LED panel light to meet the humid environment. So you can buy IP65 LED panel lights in the market, but the price will be higher than IP44 LED panel lights.

Over a decade LED panel lights manufacturing experience, KYDLED can supply the best LED panel lights for your need. Contact us become our LED panel light wholesale and distributor getting competitve LED panel light price.

LED Panel Lights Manufacturing Expert

As a top LED panel light manufacturer and supplier in China, we manufacture all kinds of LED panel lights since 2010. We supply ETL slim panel LED light, LED round panel light, LED square panel light, edge-lit and back-lit LED panel and surface mounted LED panel light with various sizes options. And dimmable LED panel, CCT LED panel and RGB LED panel light are available.

With 10+ years LED panel lights production experience, we know how to produce an excellent LED light panel, and we know which production process may arise problems. All our processes from raw material purchase, production, inspection to shipment are strictly comply with IS09001:2008 quality management system. Working with us, you will never worry about the quality issues.

LED Panel light manufacturer and supplier -mass production

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We are one of the professional top LED panel lights manufacturers and suppliers in China. We manufacture all types of LED panel lights standard on the market. You can purchase LED panel lights from our LED panel light factory with different standards that meet international safety standards. We also offer custom light panels service, if you have Non-standard LED panel light project, please contact us get more information.

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led panel light manufacturer-Edge lit LED panel light

Edge lit LED Panel Light

LED Panel light manufacturer-Backlit LED Panel Light

Backlit LED Panel Light

LED panel light manufacturer-round LED panel light

Round LED Panel Light

LED panel light manufacturer-square LED panel light

Square LED Panel Light

surface mounted LED panel light

Surface Mounted LED Panel

led slim round panel light

LED Slim Round Panel Light

slim panel LED light

Slim Panel LED Light

Edge lit LED Panel Light Manufacturer

Being a professional LED panel light manufacturer and supplier, our edge lit LED panel lights use PMMA light guide plate or PS light guide plate and adopt high-light-transmittance diffusion plate. It has uniform lighting, no dark spot, no shadow anti-glare and UGR<19.

We offer 18W to 72W LED panel lights. Our standard LED panel lights’ light efficiency is 100lm/W. We can also produce higher lumen output LED panel light for your need, such as 130lm/W. Contact us to get the best quotation for LED panel light wholesaler and distributor.

led panel light manufacturers-led panel 60x60 36w

LED Panel 60x60–PL36W

led panel light manufacturers-led panel 60x60 40w

LED Panel 60x60–PL40W

led panel light manufacturers-led panel 60x60 48w

LED Panel 60x60–PL48W

LED panel 120x60 60w

LED Panel 60x60–PL60W

LED panel 120x60 72w

LED Panel 120x60-PL72W

LED panel 120x30 60w

LED Panel 120x30-PL60W

led panel 30x30 18W

LED Panel 30x30-PL18W

LED panel 60x30 25w

LED Panel 60x30-PL25W

Backlit LED Panel Light Manufacturer

The backlit LED panel light refers the led panel’s LED chips are arranged on the back instead of on the edge of the LED panel light. Each LED chip has a 180 degree lens. It can emit uniform lights and no dark spots.

Since the lens replaces the light guide plate, the backlit LED panel light has a great advantage in price over the edge lit LED panel light. And it will never turn yellow.

60x60 LED panel 36W

60x60 LED Panel-PL36W

60x60 LED panel 40W

60x60 LED Panel-PL40W

60x60 LED panel 48W

60x60 LED Panel-PL48W

120x60 LED panel 60w

1200x600 LED Panel -PL60W

120x60 LED panel 72w

1200x600 LED Panel -PL72W

120x30 LED panel 60w

1200x300 LED Panel -PL60W

30x30 LED panel 18W

30x30 LED Panel -PL18W

60x30 LED panel 25w

600x300 LED Panel -PL25W

LED Slim Panel Light Manufacturer

Our UL/ETL slim panel LED lights are 3 colors and 5 colors selectable with junction box. We use LM80 passed Epistar 2835 chips and durable led driver . The LED Slim Panel Lights are dimmable and can compatiable with industry standard TRIAC/ELV dimmers. 

We have 4 inch slim round led panel, 6 inch round led panel light, 4″ and 6″ square led panel light. 

4 inch LED round panel light

4 " LED Round Panel Light

6 inch round led panel light

6 " Round LED Panel Light

4 inch Square LED Panel Light

4" Square LED Panel Light

6 inch Square LED Panel Light

6" Square LED Panel Light

Square LED Panel Light Manufacturer

The square LED panel light is very versatile in daily applications. It can be used in homes, offices, shopping malls, hotels and hospitals. Its high light effect and soft light are popular among people. The back light anti-leak design makes the light efficiency higher.

The high temperature baking paint makes the surface of heat sink smooth. Even if it experiences collision and friction, it will not fall off easily. These square LED panel light is with epistar chips and 10,000 hours of electrolytic capacitors. It can use over 50,000 hours.

LED panel light manufacturers-square LED panel light 7W

7W Square LED Panel Light

LED panel light manufacturers-square LED panel light 9W

9W Square LED Panel Light

LED panel light manufacturers-square LED panel light 12W

12W Square LED Panel Light

LED panel light manufacturers-square LED panel light 15W

15W Square LED Panel Light

LED panel light manufacturers-square LED panel light 18W

18W Square LED Panel Light

LED panel light manufacturers-square LED panel light 24W

24W Square LED Panel Light

Round LED Panel Light Manufacturer

The round LED panel light also called LED slim panel light. It has ultraslim body with soft lighting. The round panel light adopts PMMA light guide plate, which can maintain high light efficiency even after long-term use.

The excellent heat dissipation structure and reliable power supply enable the round LED panel light to work stably for a long time. It’s widely used in shopping malls, offices, stores, homes, hotels, hospitals ect.

LED panel light manufacturers-round LED panel light 7W