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With rich LED linear lighting manufacturing experience, KYD can avoid all kinds of problems in manufacturing, and supply international safety standards and reliable quality LED linear light fixtures for you. Choose brand power supply, such as: Lifud, BOKE, Philips, OSRAM, Tridonic. You can also choose LED driver made by KYD, the quality is the same as brand power supply, but the price is only two thirds.

We only use OSRAM SMD LED 2835 or Philips SMD LED 2835 as the light source for our LED linear lights. Circuit board is the carrier of SMD LED 2835, and its thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are particularly important. KYD uses aluminum substrate with thickness of 1.2mm and copper foil thickness of 25μ, or flexible circuit board with double-sided copper foil thickness of 35μ. This ensures that KYD’s linear lights are both thermally and electrically conductive. Therefore, as a top LED linear light manufacturer and supplier, the linear lights from KYD are high-end products with guaranteed quality.

We can customize line lights of any length and shape for your project. In terms of engineering projects, KYD can provide mature and stable linear lighting solutions, including linear lighting selection, linear lighting layout design, linear lighting dialux simulation, and linear lighting installation guidance. You only need to provide CAD drawings, and the rest of work will be done by professional LED linear light manufacturers. 

Top LED Linear Lighting Suppliers from China

As a leading LED linear lighting manufacturer in china, KYDLED was founded in 2008. After 12 years of development, our company has 5000 square meters of factory building, 1000 square meters of warehouses, 78 well-trained production workers, 5 R & D and design teams and various strict linear LED fixtures testing equipment.

Based on the extensive manufacturing experience of LED linear light fixtures, we provide creative linear lighting systems custom services for customers worldwide. We offer one-stop service from LED linear lighting solutions design, production, packaging design, logo printing to shipping. Just tell us your ideals, as one of best LED linear light manufacturers and suppliers, our professional teams will make it true.

LED linear lighting manufacturer mass production

Choose the LED Linear Lights from the Best LED Linear Lighting Manufacturers-KYDLED

Being a leading LED linear light manufacturer in China, we can manufacture all kinds of simple and fashion LED linear lights according to your requirements. We provide straight connector I, connector T, connector L, connector X and connector V, ect, which will create sleek and elegant linear LED lighting to exceed your customers’ expectation.

Our LED linear lights can be customized for any length and shape your need. And it is modularization design, easy disassemble, easy maintenance.We use high lumen quality stable led light strip or PCB for the led linear lights.

Pendant Linear Lighting

Pendant Linear Lighting

Up and down LED linear lighting KYD3385

Up and Down Linear LED Lighting

Recessed Linear Lighting

Recessed Linear Lighting

Surface Mounted linear lighting

Surface Mounted Linear Lighting

Pendant LED Linear Lighting manufacturer -KYD5570

KYD5570 pendant linear lights are one of our most popular ceiling pendant lights items. It boasts modern, elegant and easy installation. Our linear suspension lighting can be random modeling with our seamless shape connectors: I, T, L, V, X, Y, ect. And you can easy to adjust the linear hanging lights’ height according to your project requirements and without other tools. We offer silver, white and black LED linear pendant lights for your choices. 

pendant linear lighting KYD 5570

Connectors for Special Suspended Linear Lighting Systems

To fulfil special commercial suspended lighting, office and architectural linear lighting projects, we offer 60 degree, 90 degree and 120 degree connection parts, which can make the suspended LED linear lights be spliced into any shapes. Such as the following square, rectangle, hexagon, triangle, cross, ect. Welcome to customize the Lengths and shapes according to your projects’ design drawings and dimensions. 

KYD5570 LED Pendant lights seamless connectors
Up and down linear LED lighting KYD3385

Up and Down LED Linear Lighting Manufacturer -KYD3385

Compared with KYD5570 LED linear lights, the KYD3385 wall mounted linear led light fixture is slim. It is one of the  most popular items used for up and down linear LED lighting. It is very easy suspended and wall mounted without disassembly and reassembly.

This up and down LED linear lighting fixtures are widely used for general lighting, linear architectural lighting, linear commercial lighting, linear office lighting, hotel lighting, supermarket lighting, residential or domestic lighting and ect.

Recessed Linear Lighting Manufacturer

As one of top LED linear light manufacturers, we produce huge selection of high-quality recessed linear lighting fixtures and offer in a variety of lengths, finishes and indoor LED linear pendant light configurations, which can meet any projects requirements.

Recessed linear LED light fixtures are mainly used in corridors and ceilings. Using I-type, L-type, T-type and +-type connectors, recessed linear LED ceiling lights can be made into various lengths, various shapes, which meet the necessary lighting requirements and increases beauty of the interior.

Recessed Linear Lighting 540x360
surface mounted linear lighting 02

Surface Mounted Linear Lighting Manufacturer

The surface mounted linear LED lighting is featured as simple, elegant and easy installed, so surface mounted linear LED is favored by the majority of designers. For the scene application without ceiling and gypsum board, surface mounted LED linear luminaire is the best choice, because surface mounted linear light fitting does not need to dig grooves, so linear LED luminaire can be installed on the ceiling directly with a fixed button. We use the best famous LED drivers, such as Meanwell, Philips, Osram, Lifud drivers for our LED linear fixtures to ensure high quality and low maintenance. Of course, Philips and Osram 2835 lamp beads are standard for our LED linear lamps.

See Where our Creative LED Linear Lighting fixtures are Used

As a professional China LED linear light manufacturers and suppliers, KYD has done a lot of creative modern linear lighting projects. For example restaurants, supermarkets and offices use Pendant Linear Lighting. Stairs and aisles use wall mounted linear LED lighting or linear up down light. It is very suitable for dance halls and large conference halls to use recessed LED linear lamps or LED linear profiles. There are many more linear LED pendant applications, if you want to inquire more, please contact our sales team.

Ultimate Guideline of LED Linear Lights From LED Linear Light Manufacturers-KYD

Table of Contents

How to identify high quality LED linear lights

There are many types of LED linear lights on the market, including suspended linear LED lights, recessed linear LED lights, surface mounted linear LED lights, wall mounted Linear LED lights. But how to choose a good one from a wide variety of linear lights? As a professional LED linear light manufacturer and supplier, KYD enumerates several methods.

  1. Identification from appearance

1.1 Although LED linear fixtures have different structures, but high quality linear fixture LED has one thing in common. Their packaging or products have safety test marks in line with relevant countries, which are issued to the LED linear light manufacturers after passing the third-party laboratory test.

1.2 The thickness of aluminum material is also a criterion for judging a good LED linear lights, because the thick aluminum material has better heat dissipation and is not easy to deform.

1.3 Good LED linear lights appearance uniform color, no scratches.

  1. Identify from the specification

2.1 Power brand and light source brand are the basis for ensuring the service life of the linear LED lights. You can find driver brand and LED chips brand in the specification. Power supply brands with high quality include: meanwell, Philips, OSRAM, Tridonic, MOSO, BOKE, Lifud, KYD, etc. High-end light sources are Philips, OSRAM, Sanan, Epistar, Cree, etc.

2.2 Color rendering index of LED linear lighting fixtures. Now Ra>80 is standard, and many LED linear lights have color rendering index Ra>90. Therefore, the larger the color rendering index of the LED linear fixtures, the better.

2.3 Light effect of LED linear luminaires. Using a constant voltage flexible circuit board, the light effect is generally 80lm/W. Using a constant current aluminum substrate, the light effect is about 100lm/W. If a lens is used for LED linear light fixtures, the light effect can be as high as 130lm/W. Of course, the higher the light efficiency, the better the linear light fixtures.

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