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How to get short investment return on LED high bay retrofit?

How to get a short investment return on industrial lights

Featured as high efficient energy saving, long life, high CRI and other advantages, many led high bay retrofit are applied to industrial lighting, such as factory lighting, workshop lighting and warehouse lighting.

Nevertheless, some large gymnasium, public places, gas stations and other places are still using metal halide outdoor lighting, energy saving lamps and other traditional lamps. All the people around world are calling upon using led high bay retrofits, but the using penetration is still less than expectation. Why?

For example, the common 200W LED High bay lights lumen output is around 100-120lm/W. It can replace 400W Metal Halide high bay.

200W LED High bay lights VS 400W Metal Halide high bay

200W LED High bay lights VS 400W Metal Halide high bay

From the diagram, we can see, in the short term, the metal halide light initial cost is less than the LED high bay lights.

But in the long term, the LED high bay retrofit is a more environmentally friendly, energy-saving lighting product, and it will recover the full investment in less than one year’s time.

In conclusion, to get a shorter and higher investment return, the key points are the high bay lights lumen and the life span.

Glad to say KYD high bay LED 200W has 25% higher lumen than the common LED high bay retrofit on the market. It can reach 150lm/W and replace 600W-800w metal halide high bay. In other words, you will get the return in half a year. And our led high bay light uses Japan Nichia or Philips 3030 chips. It has 3 or 5 years warranty, which means you will have a higher investment return.

If you have any question about LED high bay retrofits, or any project need our technical support, such as IES or Dialux design, pls feel free to contact KYDLED team.




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