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As the professional LED grow light manufacturer and supplier in China, KYDLED focuses on R&D, manufacturing and selling reliable LED grow lights. If you are an LED grow light distributor, wholesaler, LED grow light contractor, or a grower who needs large quantities of LED grow lights, KYDLED is your best choice. We have produced LED grow lights for more than 6 years. With rich production experience, KYDLED can manufacture LED grow lights that meet your various requirements. Here are a few reasons why you choose KYDLED as your LED grow light supplier.

1. The Scale of Our Company
As a top LED grow light manufacturer and supplier, KYDLED was established in 2008, our company has passed the ISO9001 quality  certification system and all products have CE, TUV, CB, ROSH, SAA, ETL, FCC certification. After years of development, we have 5000m² production workshop,

1000m² warehouse and 500m² office area. The number of employees in the company has reached 108, including 88 production line employees. Electronic engineer, structural engineer, designer, there are 5 people in total. 15 office staff and management staff. Our production workshop has 2 semi-automatic production lines and 6 assembly lines. Strong production capacity makes you worry-free delivery. High-quality service makes you feel warm. Reliable products and competitive prices make you continue to accumulate wealth.

2. Production Capacity and Service of LED Grow Lights

With the demand for plant grow lights continues to grow, as the best LED grow light manufacturer and supplier, in order to meet order requirements, KYDLED continuously expand the LED plant grow lights workshop and increase production lines, employing a large number of skilled workers to manufacture plant lights. At present, we can produce 500,000pcs of various LED lights every month, and the LED plant lights alone accounts for 150,000pcs. The plant lights produced by KYDLED include COB LED grow light, full spectrum LED grow lights, T5 grow lights, T8 grow lights and grow light bulbs, outdoor grow lights, indoor plant lights, etc. KYDLED can design and develop plant grow lights with different functions in a short time according to your requirements. At the same time, we provide plant lights OEM&ODM services to boom your business. As one of the best LED grow lights manufacturers and suppliers in China, we provide complete grow equipment and grow lights solutions.

3. Test Equipment for LED Grow Lights

Stable and reliable LED grow lights are the first choice for users, so how do LED grow lights distributors, wholesalers, and plant light contractors know whether the products they sell are reliable? This is easy to judge. We can refer to production equipment and test instruments of the LED grow lights manufacturers and suppliers to draw conclusions. Under normal circumstances, the LED grow light manufacturers must have an integrating sphere, power tester, aging equipment, etc. KYDLED as one of the top LED gown lights manufacturers and suppliers from China, we have power tester, high voltage tester, integrating sphere, aging equipment, salt spray tester, waterproof test equipment, surge generator, digital multimeter, vibration table, high-low temperature test chamber, etc. The high-low temperature test chamber tests the service life of the LED grow lamps at high and low temperatures; The salt spray tester tests whether the grow lamps can resist corrosion; The high voltage tester and the surge generator test whether the plant lamps can work normally under the condition of sudden increase in voltage. These devices enable our LED grow lights to undergo rigorous reliability tests before mass production, and only after the grow light samples reach the standard can they be mass produced and put on the market. As one of the best LED grow light manufacturers and suppliers, KYDLED is your trusted partner.

4. Material and Function Selection for LED Grow Lights

Different wavelengths of light have different effects on the growth of plants. LED grow lights are artificial light sources. There must be strict requirements for the selection of light sources, especially the red and blue light that are most conducive to plant growth. We mainly use Sansung LM301B LED chips and Meanwell power supply. The using high-end materials help to obtain high-end LED grow lights. Our grow light system can control the light time. In different growth stages of plants, we can also control the illuminance of different wavelength spectrums to obtain the most favorable conditions for plant growth. As one of the professional LED grow lights manufacturers and suppliers, we have the ability to customize plant lights with various functions according to your requirements.

Sunshine-Mini LED Grow Light Manufacturer 01

Sunshine-Mini Series Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Manufacturer

Sunshine-Mini series full spectrum plant lights are plant-specific lighting. They are small in size, more red and blue light sources, low power consumption, high PAR, and have an excellent heat dissipation system, including aluminum heat sinks and silent high-speed fans. Due to the active and passive cooling system, the operating temperature of Sunshine-Mini series full spectrum LED grow lights is 80% lower than HID grow lights.

Specifications of Sunshine-Mini Series LED Grow Lights

200W LED Grow Light

200W LED Grow Light

300W LED Grow Light

300W LED Grow Light

400W LED Grow Light

400W LED Grow Light

400W LED Grow Light

500W LED Grow Light

Sunshine-Classic Series LED grow light manufacturer

Sunshine-Classic Series Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Manufacturer

Sunshine-Classic series full spectrum LED grow lights are suitable for use in all growing places. It has greater power, higher efficiency, adjustable red and blue light ratio, and the addition of UV LEDs and IR LEDs makes Sunshine-Classic series full spectrum LED grow lights have a richer spectrum. It uses an all-aluminum radiator to reduce the temperature of the LEDs while keeping the planting environment temperature suitable for plant growth.

Specifications of Sunshine-Classic Series LED Grow Lights

100W grow light

100W Grow Light

200w grow light 01

200W Grow Light

400W Grow Light

600w grow light

600W Grow Light

600W LED Grow Light

600W LED Grow Light

800W LED Grow Light

800W LED Grow Light

1000W LED Grow Light

1000W LED Grow Light

1000W LED Grow Light

1200W LED Grow Light

Sunshine-Jumbo Series LED Grow Light Manufacturer 01

Sunshine-Jumbo Series Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Manufacturer

Sunshine-Jumbo series full spectrum LED grow lights have a large irradiation area. The high-efficiency and high-power Sunshine-Jumbo series grow lights can greatly shorten the growth cycle of plants. Sunshine-Jumbo series LED grow lights specially add Samsung 301B LEDs and Osram 660nm LEDs. These two LEDs are very conducive to the growth of hemp. At the same time, the Sunshine-Jumbo series LED growth lamp radiator area is large enough, and the MEAN WELL power supply is used to ensure 5 years service life.

Specifications of Sunshine-Jumbo Series LED Grow Lights

1200W LED Grow Light

1200W LED Grow Light

1500W LED Grow Light

1500W LED Grow Light

2000W LED Grow Light

2000W LED Grow Light

Table of Contents

What is LED Grow Light?

The LED grow light is a synthetic light source that simulates sunlight. It stimulates the growth of plants by mixing LEDs of different wavelengths to emit suitable photosynthetic light. The wavelength of the hybrid LEDs range from 380nm to 840nm. The wavelengths at this stage are all conducive to the growth of plants, among which red and blue light are the most important for plant growth.

LED grow lights are mainly used in modern farms, flower exhibition halls, flower plantations and various plant research laboratories. It is mainly to promote the secretion of plant hormones and improve the efficiency of photosynthesis to achieve the purpose of increasing the yield of agricultural products. You can also use LED plant lights to control the flowering time of flowers and extend the opening time of flowers. KYDLED is a best LED grow light manufacturer and supplier, we have enough professional knowledge to help you understand LED grow lights.

How do LED Grow Lights Work?

LED grow light is an artificial light source that simulates sunlight, and the light it emits helps plants to photosynthesize. LED grow light is that LED power supply drives LEDs to emit light. Its light source is composed of white light LEDs, blue light LEDs, and red light LEDs. For different plants, the ratio of red light to blue light that is most suitable for their growth is different. We can adjust the ratio of red light to blue light by LED grow lights. Plants at different growth stages, it needs different light time, and we control the time through switching the switch of LED grow lights.

For example:

  1. Strawberry and tomato: the ratio of red light to blue light is 9:1, which is the most beneficial to the growth of strawberry and tomato. The fruit is full and nutritious.
  2. Carrot: The ratio of red light to blue light is 8:1, which is the most suitable for growth.

Sowing stage: 16 hours on / 8 hours off

Vegetarian phase: 18 hours on / 6 hours off

Flowering period: 12 hours on / 12 hours off

As the professional LED grow light manufacturers and suppliers, KYDLED has obtained a large amount of experimental data through cooperation with South China Agricultural University to prove the best ratio of red and blue light for different plants.

How Long do LED Grow Lights Last?

The LED grow lamp uses a solid light source to emit light, so its life depends on the LED light source, heat sink and LED power supply. The production process can also affect the life of the LED grow lamps. The theoretical life of the LED light source is greater than 100,000 hours; the Mean Time Between Failure of the ELG series Mean Well power supply is ≥899.8K hrs Telcordia SR-332(Bellcore) and ≥313.66K hrs MIL-HDBK-217F(25℃). Normal conditions, when the temperature of the radiator Tc is lower than 85℃, and using high-end LED light source and LED power supply, combined with a reasonable production process, the life of the LED grow lights can reach 25,000 to 50,000 hours. In a reasonable environment (For example, at an ambient temperature of 25-30℃), if using grow lights 24 hours a day, you can use 3-5 years; if using LED grow lights less than 24 hours a day, its service life will far exceed 3-5 years.

Are LED Grow Lights Any Good?

Judging LED grow lights are good or bad depends on whether it can bring us help or benefit. The normal growth of plants needs sunlight, and LED grow lights are artificial light sources that simulate the sun’s rays, so it is beneficial to plant growth. In the direction of agricultural development, LED grow lights are good. Using LED grow lights can increase the yield of crops, greatly shorten the growth cycle of crops, and increase farmers’ income. Using LED grow lights under greenhouse cultivation,  crops can be planted all year round, but the planting time under the sun is reduced by half. In the rainy season, many crops will die because of not seeing the sun for a long time, and the crops have no harvest nothing. Planting plants under LED grow lights,  it will not lose harvest because of the rainy season. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion: LED grow lights are beneficial to plant growth and provide technical support for increasing food production. It will definitely be a starting point for the development of modern agriculture.

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