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As a best LED flood lights manufacturer, supplier and factory, we focus on manufacturing LED flood light over ten years. We have rich experience to produce high quality flood light for you. We cooperate with well-known LED driver brands, such as MEANWELL, Philips, Moso, Sosen, etc. Philips, Nichia, Cree and Osram provide us with LED chips. Becoming our LED flood light wholesaler and distributor, you will get the best quality and best service from our LED flood lights factory.

Top LED Flood Lights Manufacturer and Supplier from China

Being a leading outdoor LED flood lights manufacturer and supplier from ShenZhen, China, KYDLED was established in 2008. We produce the best outdoor flood lights more than 10 years. Our long production history allows us to avoid all quality problems. We strictly follow the rules and regulations of the quality certification system for each flood light production process from material, production, aging test, quality control. Due to confidence in the quality of our LED flood light, we provide 3 years warranty for led floodlights.

Our LED flood light factory has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality certification management system. Through the supervision of production quality by third-party organizations, the quality of our exterior led flood lights is fundamentally guaranteed. Our outdoor flood lights have all kinds safety testing certifications, such as UL, CE, ROSH, CB, SAA, ETL, etc., which can meet the safety standards of each country. You can be relieved to purchase our LED flood light.

KYD Manufacture all the LED Flood Lights for Your Business

As a famous LED floodlight manufacturer and supplier, our LED flood light company has 5000 m² flood light production workshop, 1000 m²storage lighting warehouse, 78 professional production workers, 10 excellent QC, and 5 experienced engineers. Because of a professional outdoor floodlight production team, we can provide more than 100,000pcs LED floodlights per month. Contact us to become our led flood light wholesaler and distributor.

COB LED Flood Light

COB LED Flood Light

SMD LED Flood Light

PIR LED Flood Light

COB LED Flood Light Manufacturer

We manufacture COB LED flood light over ten years. It is one of the earliest outdoor flood light fixtures we produced. With high stability and high reliability, COB LED flood light has been produced until now and has been favored by customers. You can purchase 10W to 200W COB flood light from our factory.

10W LED Flood Light

20W COB LED Flood lights

20W LED Flood Light

30W COB LED Flood lights

30W LED Flood Light

50W COB LED Flood lights

50W LED Flood Light

70W COB LED Flood lights

70W LED Flood Light

100W COB LED Flood lights

100W LED Flood Light

150W COB LED Flood lights

150W LED Flood Light

200W COB LED Flood Light

200W LED Flood Light

SMD LED Flood Light Manufacturer

The LED chips of SMD LED flood light has wider heat dissipation aluminum substrate. It can dissipate heat to the much parts of the body. So its heat dissipation effect is excellent. As a top LED flood lighting manufacturers, we pay attention to the choice of each material. We use high-efficiency LED chips in SMD LED floodlight.  Its lumen is Up to 150lm/W. The lumen output is 30% higher than most outdoor flood light on the market. We offer 50W to 300W SMD LED flood light to meet your need.

50W SMD LED flood light

50W SMD LED Flood Light

100W SMD LED flood light

100W SMD LED Flood Light​

150W SMD LED Flood light

150W SMD LED Flood Light​

200W SMD LED flood light

200W SMD LED Flood Light​

300W SMD LED flood light

300W SMD LED Flood Light

PIR LED Flood Light Manufacturer

PIR LED flood light is fed back to the infrared chip through the heat dissipated by the human body, which causes the switch to start and causes the PIR floodlight to turn on. As one of the top LED flood lighting manufacturers, our PIR floodlight induction distance is up to 8 meters. It fulfils the needs of many outdoor floodlight applications. We supply 10W to 50W sensor flood light for your choices.

10W PIR LED flood light

10W PIR LED Flood Light

20W PIR LED flood light

20W PIR LED Flood Light

30W PIR LED flood light

30W PIR LED Flood Light

50W PIR LED flood light

50W PIR LED Flood Light

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LED Flood Lights Comprehensive Guide

At a glance:

What are The LED Flood Light and Traditional Flood Light?

Flood light is a kind of wide beam angle and super bright outdoor flood light fixtures used for outdoor lighting. Just as the name suggest, floodlights can spread intensive lights to large outdoor location, just like flood.

The body material of the traditional flood light is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, and the surface is coated with a layer of high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and anti-aging material.

The light source of traditional flood light can be evenly irradiated in all directions, and the light is emitted through the reflector mounted in the lamp body, and its luminous angle is from 10degree to 120 degree. The light sources of traditional floodlights generally include double-ended ceramic metal halide lamps, ceramic metal halide lamps and double-ended quartz metal halide lamps.

Traditional flood light

Traditional Flood Light

LED floodlights use light-emitting diodes as the light source carrier, die-cast aluminum or 6063 aluminum as the heat dissipation medium, and drive the diode to emit light through the power supply.The light emitted from COB LED chips is emitted through the reflector, and its light emitting angle is from 10degree to 120degree.

LED flood light

LED Flood Light

Therefore, the replacement of traditional floodlights with LED flood light will become a reality.

What are the Types of LED Flood Lights?

There are many types of LED flood lights in the market.

It can be distinguished according to different materials and functions, such as COB LED flood light, SMD LED flood light, 24V/12V LED flood lights, motion sensor flood lights, twin LED floodlight with pir, solar LED flood lights, battery operated/ powered flood lights, wireless flood lights, portable rechargeable flood light, dimmable LED floodlight, RGB LED flood lights, ect. You can choose the appropriate LED flood lights types according to your actual application.

Where are the LED flood lights Used?

Because LED flood lights have high light efficiency, good waterproof performance (waterproof grade is selectable from IP65-IP67), and a wide power range (power can be selected from 10W-2000W), LED flood lights are widely used, and it is mainly used in outdoor lighting. For exsample, it can be used for home security lighting, industrial companies general lighting, parking lot lighting, sport lighting/ gym lighting and high mast lighting.

The LED flood lights are also used for some special lighting, such as for architectural wall washing and facade lighting.

led flood lights for architectural wall washing

LED flood lights for architectural wall washing

And the RGB LED floodlights can used for event lighting and decorative lighting. 24V/12V LED flood lights are used with solar energy systems.

Portable rechargeable flood lights are mostly used in outdoor camping or as work lights in car repair plants or as construction work lights; The solar LED flood lights are used in places where there is sufficient sunlight and not convenient to install wires.


Portable rechargeable flood lights

As a professional LED flood light manufacturer, we develop different function outdoor LED flood lights according to different applications. Each kind of LED flood lights has its function. Please choose the outdoor LED floodlight suitable for your needs.

What Materials does the LED Flood Light consist of?

The outdoor LED flood lights mainly consist of tempered glass, PCB(LED chips on it) or COB LEDs, reflector, IP65 silicone ring, aluminum housing, driver and bracket.

LED flood light structure

LED flood light structure

Why is My LED Flood Light Flashing /Flickering?

Whether you are a LED flood light wholesaler, distributor, contractor, Amazon/ Ebay seller, you may be very anxious when you customers complain that the exterior LED flood lights bought from you are flashing or flickering. It may cause a lot of return and refund, even affect your reputation.

Take it easy. We will release the main reasons to help you troubleshoot step by step.

Generally, the flickering LED flood light bulbs may be caused by many problems. Here are the main reasons:

  1. When the outdoor LED flood lamp flickering is happened, the first thing you should do is to check the driver circuit. Try to replace with another qualified driver, then to see whether the LED flood light is works or not. The cause of LED driver flashing may be that a component of the LED driver is damaged. Low-quality components are damaged easily when the temperature is too high.

  2. If it still do not work after you change the driver, then check the LED flood light’s LED chips. Usually, you can find some dark spot if the outdoor flood light’s LEDs were burn. There are two reasons for LED chips flickering. 1. The chip size is too small and the LED driver current is too large. 2. The temperature is too high, the radiator is too small.

  3. Apart from the LED flood light itself problem, another reason is the fluctuations caused by overload curcuit. Try to recall or notice, when you turn on an appliance, such as an air conditioner or a washing machine, the LED floodlight flashes. If your answer is yes, it may due to the outdate electrical circuit. Usually, the electrical circuit has a limited capacity. If the electrical appliances operating power is much than the electrical circuit capacity, it may cause the exterior LED flood lights flickering.

    In this case, the root cause of the LED flood lights flickering is that the LED flood light you purchased fails the EMC test. Electronic products certified by EMC are not affected by external factors and do not affect the normal use of other electrical appliances. When testing, EMI and EMS are qualified only within a certain value range.
  1. Loose or faulty wiring. The old and outdated fixtures, switches, breakers or connectors will also lead to LED floodlight flickering. So check the wiring to see whether it is the problem.

LED Flood Light Installation Guide

KYD LED flood lights can be used for many applications. Whether used for outdoor security lighting or decoration lighting, it is a ideal choice. And it is very convinient for installation.

Generally, the exterior LED flood light has 3 installation methods. It can be wall mounting, pedestal mounting and ceiling mounting.

The Tools you need to prepare: open end wrench, electric screwdriver, impact drill, and hammer.

led flood light installation tool

LED flood light installation tools

  • Turn off the electricity. This is the most important first step to install outdoor LED flood lights.
  • Before fix the LED floodlight, make a punch mark on the surface to where you want it be installed;
  • You need to select appropriate drill bit, punch a hole with the impact drill, and knock the expansion screw into the hole.
  • Align the mounting hole of the light bracket with the punched hole.
  • Fix the bracket by inserting the self-tapping screw with a power screwdriver.

You can also check this video for LED flood light installation.

What do You Need to Pay Attention to When importing LED Flood Light from China?

There are thousands of LED flood lights manufacturers and suppliers from China, offering so many kinds of outdoor LED flood lights with different prices in the market. Even the same-look LED flood lights prices vary widely. Some even offer incredable prices. Then you may be confused which one you should choose.

As a professional LED flood light manufacturer and supplier, we were frequently asked why some LED flood lighting manufacturers from China can offer half prices of ours.

Here we will tell you the secrets.

Always remember that the exterior LED flood light prices are related with its raw materials, your purchasing quantity, the payment terms or the lead time.

Suppose we got the same conditions with the last three factors. Let’s discovery how the different raw materials to affect a LED flood light price.

The Outdoor LED flood light Body

You must know the LED flood lights with aluminum body. While do you also know there are some kinds of different aluminum which can influence the flood light prices. Such as die cast aluminum and 6063 aluminum. Generally, the die casting aluminum body is cheap than the 6060 aluminum flood light and its heat dissipation ratio is not so good as 6063 aluminum LED flood lights.

Outdoor LED flood light Body

6063 aluminum LED flood lights.

Beside the above aluminum body, some outdoor flood light fixtures use plastic-coated aluminum. What’s worse, some are made of icon. These kind of LED floodlight fixtures have the very similar heat sink. But its cost is different.

Apart from the different materials, the heat sink weight also affects the LED flood light cost. The heavy body cost is higher than the light one if under the same material condition.  

LED Chips of Exterior LED Flood Light

LED chips have different quality levels.

First, the exterior flood light bulb’s LEDs has different sizes. The common sizes are 24x24mil, 30x30mil, 33x33mil, 38x38mil, 40x40mil and 45x45mil. Usually, the bigger the size, the better the quality and the higher the cost.

Second, a good and long-lasting LED floodlight has double pure gold lines LEDs. While the cheap ones usually use single gold line, copper gold line, copper line or copper aluminum line.

Third, the LED chips prices also vary from different LEDs brand and LEDs manufacturer. Top brand LED flood light chips are expensive than the China mainland LEDs.

LED Driver of LED Flood Lights

LED driver is crucial for a LED flood light quality. A bad driver will lead the LED flood light burn quickly or flickering.

You can check with your LED flood light manufacturer. The LED flood light is with isolated driver, non-isolated driver or it is a driverless LED flood light. The prices are total different.