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Buy LED pot lights, LED can lights, LED downlights from KYDLED-top LED downlight manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our down lighting factory focus on manufacturing LED pot light bulbs, LED can light bulbs and LED downlight bulbs over ten years. We have rich experience to produce high quality LED downlights for you. Our LED downlights use high-end raw materials, such as Osram chips, Philips chips and Lifud LED driver, Philips LED driver. Contact us to become our LED downlights wholesale and get best LED downlight price list.

Downlight is a lighting fixture installed on the ceiling. Other names for downlights are can light or pot light. There are three ways to install downlights:

1.Recessed installation on the ceiling with a hole.

2.Surface mounted on the ceiling.

3.Hoisted to the ceiling by a boom or chain.

Most people choose to recesse installation down lights. Downlights ranging from 2.5″ to 10″ are available on the market. The most used are 3″, 4″, 6″, and 8″. As a compact lamp, the beam angle emitted by the downlight is limited. Downlights can be used for general lighting or directional lighting for emphasized areas. You can see that many walls have a beam of light shining on the wall, which is downlight with a narrow angle as a wall washer. Due to the hidden feature of the recessed downlight, people can see the light but not the lamp. Downlight fixtures have multiple functions and are commonly used by people.

Traditional downlights include downlight fitting and light source. The light source usually uses incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). These light sources have high energy consumption and are not environmentally friendly. Most of them have been replaced by LED lamps. These LED lamps include GU10 LED bulbs, LED bulbs, LED corn lights, PAR lamps, BR lamps, etc. Downlight fittings vary in depth, which causes the LED lamps installed to protrude sometimes. The integrated LED downlight solves this problem, so LED downlight is more and more popular.

LED downlight has superior performance and gradually replaced the traditional down light fitting. The LED down light heat sink is made of ADC12 die-cast aluminum or high-strength aluminum alloy, which has excellent heat dissipation performance. Use a clip on the left and right to fix the LED down light on the ceiling. Some LED downlights use a diffuser to make the down light emit soft light, and some LED downlights use a lens to make the light from the downlight more prominent in a certain area. Some LED downlights can even adjust the direction so that you can focus the light wherever you want. Fire rated materials are added to the ring of the LED downlight to make a fire rated LED downlight to prevent the rapid spread of fire when a fire occurs. We can design the LED down light to have a waterproof function, so that we can use the IP65 LED downlight in the bathroom or outdoors.

Today’s light fixtures are getting smarter. We install sensor for downlights to form sensor LED downlight. The LED down light turns on automatically when we are walking in the aisle, and turns off automatically when we leave. Sensor downlight is both convenient and energy efficient. If we equip LED downlights with dimmable drivers to form dimmable LED downlights, we can adjust the brightness of dimmable downlights through the dimmer. There are three types of LED downlighter dimming systems:

  1. SCR dimming.
  2. 0-10V (1-10V) dimming.
  3. Dali dimming.

There is a kind of smart LED downlights, we can not only adjust the brightness of the LED downlight through the dimmer, but also change the color temperature of the LED down lighting by quickly switching on and off the switch. With the advent of the Internet era, smart downlight control has also entered the Internet of Things era. We can use wifi or bluetooth to control RGB LED downlight to turn on or off, color change, brightness adjustment.

Smart LED downlights bring us convenience, but we cannot ignore the importance of color temperature and color rendering index. SMD LED downlight and COB LED downlight also have excellent color rendering index. The higher color rendering index, the more accurate you see the true color of objects, and the more it can reflect the original natural color of objects. It is particularly important for application in museums and display lighting. When the color rendering index is greater than 80ra, you can reflect the variety of life, this is a warm living atmosphere. Now the color rendering index of LED is greater than 95ra, getting closer and closer to the original primary color of the sun.

As one of the leading LED downlight manufacturers and suppliers in China, KYDLED manufacture best LED downlights, such as square LED downlights, round LED downlight, indoor downlights, outdoor downlights, double downlight, COB downlights, SMD downlights, etc. Send your needed to our email box info@kydled.com, our LED down lighting experts are waiting for you.

Top LED Downlight Manufacturer and Supplier from China

Located in Shenzhen, China, KYDLED was established in 2008. We produce LED downlights over 10 years. Our rich production experience allows us to avoid all quality problems. Based on high quality LED downlights, its lifespan is up to 25,000 hours. And we provide 2-3 years warranty.

As a leading LED downlights manufactures and suppliers in China, our factory has 5000m² production workshop, 1000m² warehouse, 78 professional production workers, 10 excellent QC, and 5 experienced engineers. Because of a professional production team, we can provide more than 120,000pcs LED downlights per month, and fast delivery will help you win large market and boom your business.

top led downlight supplier in China

KYD Manufacture Various LED Downlights for Your Business

Our factory has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality certification management system. All our LED downlights have various safety testing certifications, such as UL, CE, ROSH, CB, SAA, ETL, etc., which can meet the safety standards of each country. You can be relieved to purchase our LED downlights.

We produce huge selection of LED downlights for your options and applications. All our LED down lights can be 3 CCT adjustable. You can slide the color by on/off switch. No need to take down the LED downlight from the ceiling.

Bathroom IP65 Downlight 01

Bathroom IP65 Downlights

fire rated downlight

Fire Rated LED Downlights

Adjustable LED Downlights

Adjustable LED Downlights

Recessed LED Downlights

Recessed LED Downlights

surface mounted LED downlight

Surface Mounted LED Downlight

Bathroom LED Downlight Manufacturer

The IP65 LED downlights are widely used as the bathroom recessed lighting. The LED bathroom downlights IP65 grade can play an effective waterproof effect. Some countries also call bathroom LED downlights as bathroom can lights or bathroom pot lights. Although they have different name, but they are the same downlight.

We manufacture COB bathroom downlights and SMD waterproof downlights. Except the dimmable waterproof LED downlights version,  we also offer CCT changeable/switchable IP65 downlights. Its wattage covers 10W, 15W, 18W, 24W. We equip 60-90 degrees beam angle for COB waterproof downlight and 120 degrees beam angle for SMD shower downlight. The light effects of COB waterproof LED downlight and SMD IP65 LED downlight are also different. COB bathroom LED downlights are 100lm/W and SMD IP65 downlight is 85-90lm/W. Excellent LED downlight manufacturers provide you with high-quality LED downlights. Contact us to get more IP65 LED downlights informations.

10W Bedroom IP65 Downlight 01

10W Bathroom IP65 Downlights KYDS310

15W Bedroom IP65 Downlight 02

15W Bathroom IP65 Downlights KYDS315

18W Bathroom IP65 Downlight 03

18W Bathroom IP65 Downlights KYDS318

24W Bathroom IP65 Downlight 04

24W Bathroom IP65 Downlights KYDS324

Fire Rated LED Downlight Manufacturer

As the name suggested, the fire rated LED downlights are designed to prevent the fire spread fastly from the ceiling. Compared with the common non fire rated downlight, the LED fire rated downlights can obviously decrease the fire spread time, so that people can win much time to extinguish and escape. Therefore, fire rated lighting is  important for architecture.

According to building regulations, different ceiling thickness and joist spacing requires different fire rated levels. LED downlights fire rated is usually divided into 3 levels, they are 30min, 60min and 90min. To meet all the ceilling requirements, KYD fire rated LED downlights passed the sperate tests for 90min.  We offer fire rated LED downlights dimmable optionals and 3 types LED fire rated downlights bezel Color: White, Stain Nickel, Chrome. The color temperature of fire rated down lights is also free to choose according to your requirements. We provide 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5500K fire rated can lights. Contact us to get best fire rated LED downlights price.

8W fire rated downlight

8W Fire Rated LED Downlights KYDS408

9W fire rated downlight

9W Fire Rated LED Downlights KYDS409