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Why Should you Buy LED Downlight Bulbs that Use LM-80 Chips?


Why should you buy LM-80 led downlight bulbs

With the reduced cost of LED downlight bulbs, more and more GU10 Lights are widely used in residential lighting and commercial lighting. While it is also facing some problems after a period of time, such as lumen depreciation and CCT shift (check to see the 4 main reasons why the LED color temperature changed).

To help you evaluate and compare the led downlight bulbs’ quality and communicate the necessity to end users, KYDLED will tell you what is LM-80 and why should clients buy LM-80 led spotlights.

 1. What is LM-80?

Before the appearance of LM-80, LED lights manufacturers used their own testing machines and systems to report the lumen maintenance. To avoid the confusions to customers, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) created the LM-80 standard which measuring the lumen depreciation of the light sources includes the LED packages, modules and the arrays. Thought it is cannot measure the LED system performance and reliability, it is a critical part of the larger puzzle.

IES LM-80-08 Reports Requirements

According to LM-80 standard, the LED chips testing time must at least 6,000 hours. And it detects the followings:

1) Number of LED light sources tested

2) Description of LED sources

3) Description of auxiliary equipment

4) Operating cycle

5) Ambient conditions including airflow temperature and relative humidity

6) Case temperature (Ts)

7) Drive current (If)

8) Initial luminous flux, forward voltage and CCT

9) Lumen maintenance data

10) Observation of LED light source failures

11) LED light source monitoring interval

12) Photometric measurement uncertainty

13) Chromaticity shift reported over the measurement time

The LM-80 testing report shows the Lumen Maintenance, Chromaticity Shift, Forward Voltage, Calculated CCT and the Ra data over the testing time and at the conditions of 55℃, 85℃ and 105℃. From the report, you will find the LM-80 chips has great lumen maintenance which around 95% after 6,000hrs and its CCT range shift is not over 200K.

LM-80 LED Spotlight CCT maintenance

LM-80 GU10 led bulb Lumen maintenance

2. Why should you buy LED Downlight Bulbs that use LM-80 chips?

The led downlight bulbs are usually designed as small size to replace the traditional halogen bulbs. The standard GU10 bulb dimension is 50mm diameter and 57mm height. So its heat sink is small and accumulates much heat.

We did a comparison of 4pcs spotlights at the same conditions of wattage, voltage, driver, chips and body dimension. Shown as below. We can see the chip board temperature is very high and over 80℃. It is a big challenge for the chips. Some led lamps are used for commercial projects which need continuously work all day. Therefore, it is necessary to buy LM-80 LED downlight bulbs.

Material1070 Al6063 AlDie casting AlPlastic +Al
Body temperature80℃72℃65℃55℃
Chip board temperature84℃88℃90℃95-100℃
Temperature difference4℃16℃25℃40-45℃

———————————(Surrounding temperature: 32℃)——————————-[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column]

KYDLED produces kinds of LM-80 LED spotlights. For more information, please contact us.


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