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E27 LED corn light / E40 LED corn lamp come from KYDLED- one of the best LED corn bulb manufactures and suppliers from china. If you are looking reliable and stable LED corn bulb manufacture and supplier, you come to the right place. KYDLED produce indoor and outdoor LED corn bulbs over 8 years. There are many LED lighting distributors and wholesalers, lighting contractors again and again purchase corn cob LED from KYDLED in the world. We provide strong support for such customers in terms of innovation technology, high quality and competitive price. The following will analyze the LED corn bulbs from some indicators:

√ Lamp holders often used for LED corn bulbs

√ Retrofit metal halide with LED corn bulbs

√ LED corn lamp performance from top LED corn bulb manufacturers

Lamp holders often used for LED corn bulbs

HPS, incandescent, CFL lamps and HID are replaced or retrofit with LED corn bulbs. Because of corn cob LED lights stability and reliability, they are gradually being accepted by the market as a substitute. Economical corn LED lamp is the best lighting solution to replace and retrofit. Because LED corn lights can be made into many types of lamp holders, such as E39/E40, E26/E27, E14, G24d/G24q, G9, G4, GU10, etc. So garden lights, street lights, wall lights, high bay lights, downlights and flood lights, etc., which have small base, medium base, and large base can all use LED corn lamps. Light bulb mogul base has E39 (US Standard)/E40 (Europe Standard). LED bulb medium base refers to E26 (US Standard)/E27 (Europe Standard). Corn bulb light small base refers to E14, G9, G4. Facts have proved that using KYDLED corn cob light bulb as a lighting solution is a wise move. Long life and high light efficiency will save your money.

Retrofit metal halide with LED corn bulbs

It is relatively easy to realize the transformation and replacement of general lamps. We only need to replace the LED corn bulb with the same brightness to solve it perfectly. However, we need to pay attention when retrofit some lamp fixturers, such as high-power sodium lamps and street lamps. During our replacement, if we use  corn cob LED lamps that is not compatible with electronic ballasts, this corn cob bulb will burn out easily and quickly. So what issues should we pay attention to when we retrofit with LED corn bulb?

  1. Use LED corn bulb compatible with electronic ballasts, which has the advantage of being able to be replaced quickly, but the cost of LED corn lamps compatible with electronic ballasts will be higher than that of ordinary voltage input LED corn lights.
  2. Use ordinary input voltage LED corn bulbs. Such LED corn lights have low cost, but the electronic ballast must be disconnected or bypassed. The construction will be a little troublesome and requires a professional electrician to implement it.

The LED corn lamp has a fatal flaw. If you rely on an active heat dissipation system, in many cases, considering the volume of heat dissipation, its power is not large. Under normal circumstances, active heat dissipation within 80W LED corn bulb is already the limit. If we want to increase the LED corn bulb power, we need to increase the fan, passive cooling system. Therefore, under the limitation of volume, high bay lights and closed street lights with large power must carry a fan for heat dissipation to ensure the service life of the LED corn cob light bulbs. LED corn lamp & LED corn light produce by KYD LED corn bulb manufacturer offer solutions for 70 watt to 1000 watt metal halide LED replacement.

LED corn lamp performance from top LED corn bulb manufacturers

E26/E39 LED corn light manufacture by KYDLED-one of the best LED corn bulb manufacturers from China. E27/E40 LED corn lamp Light efficiency up to 180lm/W, it is one of the brightest LED corn bulb  in the market. KYDLED is committed to becoming leading LED corn bulb manufacturer and supllier in the world. Please refer to several LED corn bulbs technical indicators provided by KYDLED.

24W/36W/45W/54W LED corn light bulb for Garden light

Under normal circumstances, 24W, 36W, 45W, 54W LED corn bulbs are mostly used for garden lights. The height of the pole of the courtyard light determines how much power LED corn lamp is used. We provide a variety of LED corn light watt options for garden lights. Of course, our LED corn lamp is one of the brightest LED corn bulbs. The socket meets European and American standards. Please refer to the following technical parameters to select the appropriate LED corn lamp:

* 24W/36W/45W/54W optional

* Equipped with OSRAM 2835 LED chips

* Equipped with UL, CE, TUV, SAA standard LED driver

* 196W/(m*k) 6063 heat dissipation aluminum

* 130-180lm/W light efficiency output

* E26/E27/E39/E40 lamp bases are available

* Greater than Ra80 color rendering index

* 3 years warranty

* 2000-10000K color temperature optional

* Ultra-wide input voltage AC100-277V

60W/80W/100W/120W/150W LED corn bulb for street light bulb

Before the emergence of LED corn lights, most street lights used high-pressure sodium lamps and low-pressure sodium lamps as light sources. The power of sodium lights as a street lamps are generally 70W, 100W, 150W, 250W, 400W, 600W, 1000W. The sodium lamp light efficiency is generally 60-120lm/W. Because the sealed street lamp device cannot be equipped with an infinite LED corn lamp, there is still a limit to the power that can completely replace the sodium light.

KYDLED as one of the best LED corn bulb manufacturers and suppliers in China, our LED corn lamp can replace the maximum 1000W high pressure sodium lamp, please refer to the following technical indicators to choose the LED corn light to replace your sodium light:

* 60W/80W/100W/120W/150W optional

* Equipped with Philips 2835 LED chips

* Equipped with UL, CE, TUV, SAA standard LED driver

* 196W/(m*k) 6063 heat dissipation aluminum

* 150-200lm/W light efficiency output

* E39/E40 lamp bases are available

* Greater than Ra70 color rendering index

* 3 years warranty

* 2000-10000K color temperature optional

* Ultra-wide input voltage AC100-277V

As top LED corn bulb manufacturer and supplier from China, KYDLED only manufactures high-quality, high-brightness LED corn bulbs. If you are interested in our LED corn lamps or have related LED retrofit projects, please contact our LED corn bulb experts to get relating services.

LED Corn Bulb Manufacturing Expert in China

Being a professional LED corn bulb manufacturer in China, we focus on manufacturing LED corn light over 8 years. Our professional teams can provide you one-stop service of product design and development, production and after-sales service. The good reputation makes us gain the trust of customers all over the world.

Our LED corn bulb factory has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality certification system and strictly follows the rules and regulations of the certification system form incoming material inspection, production control, aging test and quality control. Our LED corn bulbs have full certifications, such as ETL, CE, CB, ROSH, SAA, UL, etc. Based on stable and highly reliable production capacity, we can offer you the best LED corn bulb OEM service to let you free from complaints and support your business grow explosively.

Choose from Top LED Corn Bulb Manufacturers

Wholesale LED corn bulb from China professional LED corn lamp manufacturer and supplier. KYDLED produces low power E27/ E26 5W-32W LED corn bulbs and high power IP65 water-proof 30W-150W E27/ E40 led corn lights which can directly replace metal halide bulbs. The high power LED Corn bulbs are ideal lamps for high/low bay light, garage light, post top light, wall pack light, acorn light, pendant light, flood light.

LED Corn light 201

LED Corn Light

LED Corn Bulb 01

LED Corn Bulb

E40 Light Bulb

E40 Light Bulb

LED Street Light Bulb 01

LED Street Light Bulb

E40 LED bulb 01

E40 LED bulb

LED Corn Light Manufacturers

As a best LED corn light manufacturer and supplier, we manufacture kinds of LED corn lights, which be used for street light bulbs, warehouse lights, workshop lights, etc. The wattage of our LED corn lights is from 30W to 100W, and its lumen up to 150lm/W. Compared with metal halide lamps start slowly and have a short lifespan, LED corn lights start fast and have a long lifespan. So our LED corn light is best choice for metal halide LED retrofit. It is suitable for 70W, 100W, 150W, 175W metal halide LED replacement.

30W LED Corn light 02

30W LED Corn Light


40W LED Corn light 02

40W LED Corn Light


50W LED Corn light 02

50W LED Corn Light


60W LED Corn light 02

60W LED Corn Light


80W LED Corn light 02

80W LED Corn Light


100W LED Corn light 02

100W LED Corn Light


E27 LED Corn bulb 27W

E27 LED Corn bulb 27W


36W E40 Light Bulb

36W E40 Light Bulb


45W E40 Light Bulb

45W E40 Light Bulb


54W E40 Light Bulb

54W E40 Light Bulb


7W Corn Bulb Light

7W Corn Bulb Light


9W Corn Bulb Light

9W Corn Bulb Light


12W Corn Bulb Light

12W Corn Bulb Light


18W Corn Bulb Light

18W Corn Bulb Light


24W Corn LED Lamp

24W Corn LED Lamp


36W Corn LED Lamp

36W Corn LED Lamp


54W Corn LED Lamp

54W Corn LED Lamp


40W E40 LED bulb

40W E40 LED bulb


100W E40 LED bulb

100W E40 LED bulb


150W E40 LED bulb

150W E40 LED bulb


200W E40 LED bulb

200W E40 LED bulb


LED Corn Bulb Manufacturers

Our LED corn bulb can replace fluorescent bulbs. They have the same shape, lamp base and lighting angle, but LED corn bulb is more energy-saving and environmentally than fluorescent lamp. The wattage of our LED corn bulb is from 5W to 32W. The 5W, 7W and 9W LED corn bulbs’lamp bases have E14 / E26 / E27 / B22 / G24D. The 12W LED corn bulb’s lamp bases have E26 / E27 / B22 / G24D. The 16W LED corn bulb’s lamp bases have E26 / E27 / B22. The 24W-32W corn bulbs’ lamp bases have E26 / E27 / B22 /E39/E40.

Our LED corn bulbs is highly efficiency. Its lumens up to 130lm / W. It is widely used in homes, courtyards, offices, shopping malls, street lights, etc.

5W LED Corn Bulb 01

5W LED Corn Bulb


7W LED Corn Bulb 01

7W LED Corn Bulb


9W LED Corn Bulb 01

9W LED Corn Bulb


12W LED Corn Bulb 01

12W LED Corn Bulb


16W LED Corn Bulb 01

16W LED Corn Bulb


24W LED Corn Bulb 01

24W LED Corn Bulb