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LED bulbs from KYDLED-the best LED bulb manufacturers and suppliers in China. LED bulbs are mainly used indoors, but some are used outdoors.The waterproof grade of indoor LED bulb is IP20, while the waterproof grade of outdoor LED bulb must be above IP65. KYDLED focuses on producing all kinds of LED bulbs, such as smart LED bulb, WIFI LED bulb, RGB LED bulb, Waterproof LED bulb and high power LED bulb. Our LED bulbs have passed CE, ROHS, CB, ETL, SAA, etc., various international safety standards certification, they can be sold and used in any country in the world. KYDLED can offer 5W to 150W LED bulbs, and the luminous efficiency of our LED bulbs is as high as 130lm/W. Choose KYDLED as your reliable LED bulb manufacturer and supplier, It will bring you huge benefits. Because our LED bulbs have excellent service life and high competitive price.

Type A Series LED Bulb manufacturer

Type A LED Bulb Manufacturer

Type A series LED bulbs are designed and developed imitating incandescent lamps. It can completely replace incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. Stability and high cost performance are the biggest features of Type A series LED bulbs.

Specifications of Type A Series LED Bulbs

High Power LED Bulb Manufacturer

HP series LED bulbs are developed to replace sodium lamps and metal halide lamps. HP series LED bulbs use scaled heat sink, Sanan SMD2835 and constant current LED driver,  and have high luminous efficiency, good heat dissipation, and strong reliability, so they are widely welcomed by wholesalers.

Specifications of HP Series LED Bulbs

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What is LED Bulb and How do LED Bulbs Work?

LED bulbs are lighting devices that use light-emitting diodes as light sources. Light-emitting diodes need to be driven by direct current to emit light. Therefore, an AC-DC converter is installed inside the LED bulb, which converts the mains electricity into direct current, and provides it to the LEDs to stimulate the energy-saving energy of the semiconductor PN and make it emit light. Since LEDs emit light to generate heat, LED bulbs have heat sinks made of aluminum or other materials. As best LED bulbs manufacturers and suppliers in China, KYDLED provides the best LED bulbs for you.

What is the Equivalent Wattage for LED Bulbs?

Compared with traditional bulbs, LED bulbs are more energy efficient. For many end users, they do not know how many watt LED bulbs to buy to replace the original traditional bulbs. Here are some data from the best LED bulbs manufacturer and supplier, so that buyers can buy suitable LED bulbs.

  1. Incandescent lamps and LED bulbs of equivalent wattage
    The light efficiency of LED bulbs is 10 times that of incandescent bulbs, so you only need to buy suitable bulbs based on this ratio.
    Incandescent lamp power: 15W 25W 60W 75W 100W
    LED bulb power: 1.5W 3W 5W 8W 11W
  1. Energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs of equivalent wattage
    The efficiency of energy-saving lamps is better than that of incandescent lamps, but it is not environmentally friendly and easy to damage. So it needs to be replaced by LED bulbs.
    Energy-saving lamp power: 5W 9W 15W 20W
    LED bulb power: 3W 5W 8W 11W
  1. Sodium lamp and LED bulb of equivalent wattage
    Sodium lamps are divided into high-pressure sodium lamps and low-pressure sodium lamps. Because their start-up time is relatively slow, so it is necessary to replace them with LED bulbs.
    Sodium lamp power: 70W 150W 250W 400W
    LED bulb power: 30W 60W 100W 150W
  1. Metal halide lamps and LED bulbs of equivalent wattage
    Metal halide lamps and sodium lamps have similar luminous effects, so their equivalent power is the same.
    Metal halide lamp power: 70W 150W 250W 400W
    LED bulb power: 30W 60W 100W 150W

Advantage of LED Bulbs

As a new light source, LED bulbs have too many advantages compared with traditional lamps. KYDLED is a best LED bulb manufacturer and supplier, which list seven advantages of LED bulbs.

  1. Long service life. The average life of LED bulbs can reach 100,000 hours.
  2. Less power consumption. A 5-watt LED bulb is equivalent to 40 watts of ordinary incandescent lamps.
  3. Fast response. The response time of the LED bulb is measured in milliseconds with no delay in lighting.
  4. Safe and reliable. The LED bulb is a solid luminous body, which is shock-resistant, impact-resistant, not easy to break, low heat, and no heat radiation.
  5. LED bulb has no flicker, high luminous purity, soft light color and no glare.
  6. Large voltage input range. The LED bulb can work normally under AC85V-265V.
  7. Environmental protection. LED bulbs do not contain mercury, lead and other harmful substances.

Structure of LED bulbs

LED bulb is mainly composed of 3 parts: housing, power supply, and LED light board. As a professional LED bulbs manufacturer and supplier, through the anatomical diagram of LED bulb on the right, , we can explain clearly every structure.

  1. LED bulb lampshade. There are two options: transparent and milky white lampshades, Which have the characteristics of wide illumination angle, soft and uniform light, and wide application range.
  2. LED bulb light board. It mainly uses SMD5630 and SMD2835 LED chips as the light source, and is equipped with a high thermal conductivity, insulating aluminum substrate. It has the characteristics of high light efficiency, long life and good heat dissipation.
  3. LED bulb power supply. There are three options: isolated power supply, non-isolated power supply and linear power supply. They all have their own characteristics. Isolated power supplies have high safety but expensive; non-isolated power supplies have good stability and moderate prices; linear power supplies are cheap but poor stability. Therefore, most non-isolated power supplies are used as the drive of LED bulbs because of its high efficiency, good cost performance, and reliable stability.
  4. LED bulb radiator. The use of high thermal conductivity aluminum is embedded in the insulating PBT plastic, which can quickly transfer the heat generated by the LEDs to the outside world and prevent electric shock.
  5. LED bulb base. E27/E40/B22 is a European standard connector (E26/E39/B22 is a North American standard). This kind of lamp holder can be widely used in lamp fixture such as downlights, wall lamps, table lamps, high bay lamps and so on.

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