Top GU10 LED Bulb Manufacturer & Supplier in China

As one of the leading GU10 LED bulb manufacturers and suppliers in China, we produce GU10 LED bulbs over ten years, rich manufacturing experience and reliable supply chain to ensure our delivery time and quality. Purchase GU10 LED bulbs from our GU10 LED lamp factory to boom your business.

Top GU10 LED Bulb Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Being the first top GU10 LED manufacturers and suppliers in China,KYDLED light company is located in ShenZhen, China, we focus on producing all kinds types of LED spotlights. Our GU10 LED bulb factory has pass the ISO9001:2008 quality certification management system. Through the supervision of production quality by third-party organizations, the quality of our GU10 LED spotlights is fundamentally guaranteed. Our MR16/PAR16 LED bulbs have all kinds safety testing certifications, such as UL, CE, ROSH, CB, SAA, ETL, etc., which can meet the safety standards worldwide. You can be relieved to purchase GU5.3/GU10 LED bulbs manufactured by KYDLED.

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KYD Manufactures Various GU10 LED bulbs for Your Business

As a leading GU10 LED lamp manufacturers and suppliers, our GU10 LED bulb company  has 5000 m²GU10 LED spotlights production workshop, 1000 m²storage lighting warehouse, 78 professional production workers, 10 excellent QC, and 5 experienced engineers. Because of a professional GU10 LED bulbs production team, we can provide more than 500,000pcs MR16/PAR16 LED bulbs per month. Contact us to become our GU10 LED bulb wholesaler and distributor getting GU10 LED spotlight bulb price at competitve.

7.5w GU10 LED Bulb 001

7.5W GU10 LED Bulb


9W GU10 LED Bulb

9W GU10 LED Bulb


5W GU10 LED Bulb


6W GU10 LED Bulb


7W gu10 led bulb 002

7W GU10 LED Bulb


8W gu10 led bulb 002

8W GU10 LED Bulb


7W GU10 LED bulb 001

7W GU10 LED Bulb


9W GU10 LED bulb 001

9W GU10 LED Bulb


5W GU10 LED Lamp


6W GU10 LED lamp 001

6W GU10 LED Lamp


5W GU10 LED lamp 002

5W GU10 LED Lamp


7W GU10 LED Lamp