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How to Choose Good Quality Exterior LED Flood Lights?


how to choose a good quality exterior led flood lights

Many foreign wholesalers or importers condemn their exterior led flood lights are hard to sell for high price, because the market is full with cheap led floodlights. Or some annoy that they get more and more defective exterior led flood lights return from customers.

You might be surprised to find the same wattage exterior led flood lights’ prices vary so much, such as 50W LED floodlight, some LED floodlight suppliers only sell 6 US dollars, while others sell 25 US dollars. It’s nearly 4 times price difference. Incredible!

With the rapid development of LED industry, the LED market is oversupply and facing Price War. To win more customers, many LED factories and LED accessories factories use cheaper materials in order to reduce costs. The LED market has been filled with low-priced products. As LED wholesaler or LED distributor, how to choose good quality and affordable exterior led floodlights?

This article, we’ll tell you the secrets behind the low price led floodlights, and how to choose the qualified outdoor flood lights.

1. Check the LED Chips of the Exterior LED flood lights

(1) Check the LED chip size

The LED chip is an important part of the floodlight. Different chip brand and chip size has different cost. The common-use chip brands are Bridgelux, Epistar, Nichia, Philips and mainland San’an. There are also other mainland chips, such as HC, Tongfang, Dehao ect. Since customers cannot recognize the chip brand by eyes, many companies usually write their chip is Bridgelux or Epistar, even their floodlights only cost 6USD.

So the only way the customers can judge is the size of the led chip. The common sizes are 24x24mil, 30x30mil, 33x33mil, 38*38mil, 40*40mil and 45*45mil. The bigger the size, the better the quality.

quality Exterior led flood lights chips

The cost of the 38*38mil chip is about 3.5USD. Then you can realize the 6USD floodlights must use very small chip size. And even worse, these LED chips are usually made up of LED scrap.


(2) Check the LED Chip Bracket

The cheap and low quality LED chip’s bracket usually consist of aluminum or Aluminum alloy or other materials. The weight is very light. And the thermal conductivity is not good. The quality LED chips bracket is made up of purple copper. See the comparison below.

heat conduction comparison of different materials

(3) Check the LED Chip Gold Line

The good LED chip has double pure gold lines. The cheap chip uses single gold line, or cooper gold line or cooper line or cooper aluminum line.


(4) Check the LED Chip Glue

If you have bought the led flood lights samples from supplier, then open it and check the LED chip glue. The chip glue will crack after working for some time if it is not good enough.

cheap and low quality crack floodlight


2. Check the Housing of the Exterior LED flood lights

Measuring the led floodlights weight, thickness and the heat sink amount is one of the good ways to evaluate the quality. Besides, the quality floodlights use die casting aluminum body or 1070 aluminum body. While low quality flood lights use icon body. Its heat conductivity and radiation is bad. For the 100W LED Floodlight or over 100W flood light, it needs bigger heat-sink.

50W LED Floodlight housing comparision


3. Check the Rubber of the Exterior LED Flood Lights

The led flood lights are usually installed outside. Its IP rate must reach IP65 to ensure the safety. Then the rubbers are the key part. Check the rubber whether intact or not.


4. Check the Inside Driver of the Exterior led flood lights

(1) check the driver solution. If the solution is long-term-use solution, generally it demonstrates the solution is stable.

(2) check the MOS brand and the wattage.

(3) check whether the earth wire fixed inside the flood light body or not.

If you have no idea of the solution and MOS, then check whether it has enough components on the driver.


5. Check the Wattage of the Exterior led flood lights

The low quality flood lights’ wattage is usually insufficient. For example their 50W LED Floodlight is only 30W.


In conclusion, only a quality 50W led floodlight body costs about 6.3USD. You can imagine what the quality of 6USD 50W floodlight. Low quality led floodlights usually have short life span and even have safety risk. Hope the tips in this article can help you choose the good and affordable exterior led flood light.

We produce wide range of quality outside flood light. If you have any question or needs, please feel free to contact us.


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