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Why Should you Buy LED Downlight Bulbs that Use LM-80 Chips?

  With the reduced cost of LED downlight bulbs, more and more GU10 Lights are widely used in residential lighting and commercial lighting. While it is also facing some problems after a period of time, such as lumen depreciation and CCT shift (check to see the 4 main reasons why the LED color temperature changed). To help you evaluate and compare the led downlight bulbs’ quality and communicate the

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How to Choose Good Quality Exterior LED Flood Lights?

  Many foreign wholesalers or importers condemn their exterior led flood lights are hard to sell for high price, because the market is full with cheap led floodlights. Or some annoy that they get more and more defective exterior led flood lights return from customers. You might be surprised to find the same wattage exterior led flood lights’ prices vary so much, such as 50W LED floodlight, some

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4 Main Reasons Why the LED Lamps Color Temperature Changed?

Have you even noticed your LED spotlights, LED downlight or other LED lamps’ CCT (color temperature) changed? Please note what we are talking is not the new technology color changing LED lights, but the common single color LED lamps. For example, you buy a 3000K LED spots, the color shift to 4000K or even higher CCT range after half a year. Why? More and more manufacturers and users

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How to get short investment return on LED high bay retrofit?

Featured as high efficient energy saving, long life, high CRI and other advantages, many led high bay retrofit are applied to industrial lighting, such as factory lighting, workshop lighting and warehouse lighting. Nevertheless, some large gymnasium, public places, gas stations and other places are still using metal halide outdoor lighting, energy saving lamps and other traditional lamps. All the people around world are calling upon using led high bay

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Want to Seek a Reliable LED Lights Manufacturer?

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