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Located in Shenzhen, as a top outdoor lighting manufacturer and supplier in China, KYDLED has 5000m² production workshop, 78 production workers and 10 workers for quality control.

We manufacture outdoor lighting over ten years. Based on our rich production experience and perfect solutions, Our LED street lights and LED flood lights are widely used in roadway lighting and landscape lighting. Because there is no quality problem during the warranty period, we have gained the trust of customers.

As a professional outdoor lighting manufacturer, we can offer high quality LED street lights and LED flood lights one-stop OEM servie for you.

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KYD Manufactures the Best Outdoor Lighting for Your Business

Only high quality outdoor lighting can meet the harsh environment. The waterproof rating requires at least IP65. In some high lightning strike areas, the lightning protection level is required 10KV. Therefore, we use the best materials to the outdoor lighting to have a longer lifespan. For the LED drivers, we use Meanwell, Moso, Sosen. And we use Philips, Osram and Nichia LED chips. As a top outdoor lighting manufacturer and supplier in China, we don’t use the poor materials to reduce price to get your order.

Why Choose KYD as Your Outdoor Lighting Supplier

Rich Experience

We have outdoor lighting manufacturing experience over 10 years and we offered outdoor lights OEM service to some well-known brands.

Fast Delivery

We have semi-automatic machines to improve the production efficiency. We have well-trained skilled production teams. We have large quantities of raw materials in house. These ensure we can send you the outdoor lights quickly .

Considerate Service

Your email can be replied within 12 hours or less. We will offer professional technical support. And let you know the order progress.

Competitive Price

We do not outsource all the materials. We produce some core parts of the outdoor lighting fixtures, like the outdoor light body and LED drivers in house.That is why our outdoor lighting fixtures' price is attactive.

The Best Outdoor Lighting Manufacturer

Our factory passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system. We strictly carry out the standards of quality management system in every process of outdoor lighting production. All our exterior lighting fixtures LED street lights, LED flood lights, solar LED street lights and PIR LED floodlights have full certifications, such as CE, ROSH, CB, SAA, DLC and ETL. It meets global safety standards.

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Contact us to OEM LED Outdoor Lights and Skyrocket Your Business!​​

We will offer one-stop exterior lighting OEM service to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor lighting refers to all lamps except indoor lighting. It includes LED street lights, LED floodlights, garden lights, smart LED street lights, PIR LED flood lights, etc.

You have to choose the appropriate power for the light, and check whether the waterproof rating reaches IP65 or above. If you use outdoor lighting in the places of frequent lightning strikes, you need to consider the lightning protection level. KYDLED always manufacture high quality outdoor lighting for you.

Outdoor lights need to consider waterproof, lightning strikes, drops and surges. Qualified outdoor lighting factory should have test equipment for these items. Being the best outdoor lighting manufacturer and supplier in China, we have IP grade tester, drop tester, surg tester, Hi-pot tester, salt spray tester and constant temperature & humidity tester. This is why we can manufacture high quality outdoor lighting by full quality control.

Outdoor lighting installation is difficult and labor costs are high. If you buy poor quality outdoor lighting, you need to repair it frequently and you must pay high maintenance fee. KYD LED has ten years production experience in LED street lights and LED floodlights, we always munafacture high quality outdoor lighting.

LED street lights are used in places high above the ground. In the thunderstorm season, lightning strikes often occur. In order to prevent LED street lights from being struck by lightning and prolong the LED street lights lifespan, we must use lightning protectors on LED street lights to avoid being struck by lightning.

KYDLED manufacture kinds of bean angle LED floodlights, including 120/90/60/30°, they are used at everywhere as outdoor lighting. Usually we