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Located in Shenzhen, as a top outdoor lighting manufacturer and supplier in China, KYDLED has 5000m² production workshop, 78 production workers and 10 workers for quality control.

We manufacture outdoor lighting over ten years. Based on our rich production experience and perfect solutions, Our LED street lights and LED flood lights are widely used in roadway lighting and landscape lighting. Because there is no quality problem during the warranty period, we have gained the trust of customers.

As a professional outdoor lighting manufacturer, we can offer high quality LED street lights and LED flood lights one-stop OEM servie for you.

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KYD Manufactures the Best Outdoor Lighting for Your Business

Only high quality outdoor lighting can meet the harsh environment. The waterproof rating requires at least IP65. In some high lightning strike areas, the lightning protection level is required 10KV. Therefore, we use the best materials to the outdoor lighting to have a longer lifespan. For the LED drivers, we use Meanwell, Moso, Sosen. And we use Philips, Osram and Nichia LED chips. As a top outdoor lighting manufacturer and supplier in China, we don’t use the poor materials to reduce price to get your order.

Why Choose KYD as Your Outdoor Lighting Supplier

Rich Experience

We have outdoor lighting manufacturing experience over 10 years and we offered outdoor lights OEM service to some well-known brands.

Fast Delivery

We have semi-automatic machines to improve the production efficiency. We have well-trained skilled production teams. We have large quantities of raw materials in house. These ensure we can send you the outdoor lights quickly .

Considerate Service

Your email can be replied within 12 hours or less. We will offer professional technical support. And let you know the order progress.

Competitive Price

We do not outsource all the materials. We produce some core parts of the outdoor lighting fixtures, like the outdoor light body and LED drivers in house.That is why our outdoor lighting fixtures' price is attactive.

The Best Outdoor Lighting Manufacturer

Our factory passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system. We strictly carry out the standards of quality management system in every process of outdoor lighting production. All our exterior lighting fixtures LED street lights, LED flood lights, solar LED street lights and PIR LED floodlights have full certifications, such as CE, ROSH, CB, SAA, DLC and ETL. It meets global safety standards.

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We will offer one-stop exterior lighting OEM service to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor lighting refers to all lamps except indoor lighting. It includes LED street lights, LED floodlights, garden lights, smart LED street lights, PIR LED flood lights, etc.

You have to choose the appropriate power for the light, and check whether the waterproof rating reaches IP65 or above. If you use outdoor lighting in the places of frequent lightning strikes, you need to consider the lightning protection level. KYDLED always manufacture high quality outdoor lighting for you.

Outdoor lights need to consider waterproof, lightning strikes, drops and surges. Qualified outdoor lighting factory should have test equipment for these items. Being the best outdoor lighting manufacturer and supplier in China, we have IP grade tester, drop tester, surg tester, Hi-pot tester, salt spray tester and constant temperature & humidity tester. This is why we can manufacture high quality outdoor lighting by full quality control.

Outdoor lighting installation is difficult and labor costs are high. If you buy poor quality outdoor lighting, you need to repair it frequently and you must pay high maintenance fee. KYD LED has ten years production experience in LED street lights and LED floodlights, we always munafacture high quality outdoor lighting.

LED street lights are used in places high above the ground. In the thunderstorm season, lightning strikes often occur. In order to prevent LED street lights from being struck by lightning and prolong the LED street lights lifespan, we must use lightning protectors on LED street lights to avoid being struck by lightning.

KYDLED manufacture kinds of bean angle LED floodlights, including 120/90/60/30°, they are used at everywhere as outdoor lighting. Usually we use 90/120° LED floodlights for wide lighting, 30/60° are used in focused lighting. You chooce the suitable bean angle LED floodlights for your project.

KYDLED manufacture smart street lights over 7 years. Our smart street lights have light sensing function and time timing function. When evening comes, the street lights will automatically light up. You can choose to light up several hours or the next morning.

The matters needing attention in outdoor lights installation are as follows:

  1. Before installation, you need to confirm whether the lights meet outdoor waterproof requirements.
  2. You need to confirm the specifications of the input wire.
  3. The carrying capacity of the fixings should match the weight of the light. With leakage protection measures.
  4. The construction must be well-protected, including protection against electric shock and fall.

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Outdoor Lighting Guide

Outdoor Lighting Guide

What's the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

The main thing is that the installation location is different. The indoors light fixtures can be mounted on the ceiling and wall, but outdoor lighting lamps are without ceiling and wall and may often be mounted on the floor. Of course many outdoor lighting fixtures like LED flood lights and LED security lights installed on the wall, but the big difference is that there is a roof to keep out the wind and rain.

Therefore, the outdoor luminaires must have strict requirements for dust and water resistance. The degree of dust and moisture protection of the housing is classified according to the degree of protection, usually using the protection class code IP rating.

What is IP Rating of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

IP stands for ingress protection and the IP code indicate a level of protection usually consists of the characteristic letter IP and two characteristic numbers. The first digit refers to dustproof; the second to waterproof.

Here you can check the IP ratings explained.

IP Rating Chart

Outdoor Lighting Types

In general, for outdoor lighting, it is divided into three categories: architectural lighting, landscape lighting and functional lighting.

A traditional outdoor lighting fixture is one that makes a cavity, putting a light source in it, protecting and supporting it. So that it can work properly.

The bulb is installed in the fixture and the fixture’s reflector, lens, and grille help to match the light, projecting the light from the bulb to where it is needed. In terms of Gas discharge lamp fixture, it includes ballast.

Mechanical system: fixing, protection, support, safety
Electrical system: power supply, maintenance, insulation, control
Optical system: anti-glare, light distribution

outdoor lighting fixtures gas discharge lamps

All gas discharge lamps require a ballast. One end of the ballast is connected to the power supply, and the other end is connected to the light bulb.

  1. The ballast has three basic functions
    Convert the power supply voltage to the voltage required by the bulb.
  2. Provide high starting voltage required for discharge.
  3. The ballast limits the current to the specified value after the lamp is started.

LED outdoor lighting fixutures are different. It derives light by using a lens or the like. This is similar to the concept of indoor lighting. However, outdoor lighting lamps pay more attention to waterproof and dustproof protection.

Lamp Body

1) Fixture body: fixed support

2) Radiator: heat dissipation of the outdoor lamps

3) Optical devices: lens, reflector

Light source: LED diode (point or surface)
Electrical appliances: high voltage, low voltage

Commonly Used Architectural Lighting

LED Flood lights

Wide Beam: Large area uniform illumination

The LED floodlights will cast light over a large area and illuminate large-scale building exterior walls.

It has the wattage of 10W to 300W and has 90lm/W or 150lm/W lumen output. Check here to see wide selection of LED flood lights we manufacture.

outdoor lighting LED flood lights

Outdoor Spotlights

Narrow beam illumination

The function of the LED floodlight and outdoor spotlight is the same. It illuminates the building from a distance. But the former one is with wide-beam, while the later one is narrow-beam. Just like indoor LED downlights are wide-beam while LED spotlight bulbs are narrow-beam.

By definition, the LED outdoor spotlight and the LED flood light have different beam angles. Generally speaking, they can use the same kind of lamp housing, as long as the replacement of optical devices can achieve narrow and wide light effects at different angles. Depending on the object to be illuminated, different mounting brackets can be selected.

Linear Flood Light / LED Wall Wash Light

It is suitable for all kinds of outdoor wall washing lighting.
Having the power selection from 8W to 100W.

In addition to square, circular outdoor lighting fixtures, there are linear flood lights. It is long, such as 1m or 1.2m long and the width may be 50cm or 80cm. Of course, there are short ones and can do splicing.

outdoor lighting Linear Flood Light LED Wall Wash Light

This kind of outdoor lamp is to cast light to illuminate the building, such as railings and walls.

LED Outline Light

The LED outline light also has a linear shape, but its role is not to cast light, but to emit light by itself. It can be used for the exterior outline lighting of buildings.

Outdoor In-Ground Lights

It is suitable for decoration and lighting of sculpture, building façade, landscape wall, etc.
The light source is chosen according to the object being illuminated and varies in size.

The outdoor ground light is to dig a hole in the ground and insert the lamp. Its surface and ground are almost flat. This kind of outdoor luminaires are often used for sculpture or wall lighting.

Outdoor In-Ground Lights

For example, large underground lights can illuminate a large area of the wall.
A medium-sized underground lamp can be used to illuminate a tree.

LED Pixel Lights

The LED pixel lights are surface mounting and usually used in night lighting of buildings. It can achieve various lighting effects such as monochrome, color change, and video playback.

The RGB LED pixels are usually in small-size and installed on the surface of the buildings, directly showing a point. It is not very clear, but it lights up at night. The light spot appears.

LED Wall Lights

The LED wall lamp is surface installation and widely used in architectural lighting or facades that need to create special lighting effects, with a variety of lighting effects such as single-side lighting, up and down lighting and space surrounding lighting.

The LED wall lights are designed to emphasizing the different shapes and effects of the outdoor entire building. For example, some wall lamps can draw a flower on the wall.

LED Wall Lights

LED Foot Lights

Also installed on the wall, there is a outdoor lighting fixture called a LED foot lamp. Its function is not to illuminate the surface of the building, but to illuminate the ground downward.

The LED foot light can be embedded installed and surface installed. It is used in building facades, underground parking entrances, parks, ect. It needs embedded parts for embedding and the installation height should be paid attention to.

LED Foot Lights

Commonly Used Landscape Lighting

LED Yard Lights

The outdoor yard light is suitable for the illumination of wide pedestrian roads in parks, garden and apartments.

Power: 10W-20W LED yard light to replace more than 20W traditional energy-saving lamp or metal halide lamp
Pole height: 3m/4m/5m

LED Yard Lights

The outdoor garden light can illuminate a courtyard. Its height is generally relatively high about 3 or 5 meters. There is a lamp head on a pole with various forms.

Lawn Lights

Small lawn lamp: It is suitable for the exterior lighting of quiet pedestrian roads with small traffic.

LED wattage: 6W or less
Lamp Height: 0.3-0.8 m

This type of lawn lamp shines on a small area, mainly to light the road near the grass. The picture below shows a very small lawn light.

Lawn Lights

The medium-sized lawn light is suitable for the lighting of narrow sidewalks in parks or gardens.

LED wattage: 6W-10W
Lamp Height: 0.6-1.2 M

There are also slightly larger ones. For example, a lawn lamp about one meter high is used in some public areas to illuminate a wider sidewalk. The brightness will be slightly brighter than the lowest lawn lights.

Underground Light

Due to the characteristics of the light source, the LED underground Light can be made in many shapes, for example, in addition to the traditional common circle, it can be square or long. And it can also be integrated according to the conditions. For instance, the square underground lights (LED brick light)in the square or garden. The installation of this kind of undergound lamps need embedded parts and adopt low-voltage power supply.

outdoor Underground Light

Side-emitting Underground Lights

The side-emitting underground light is special effect underground lamp. The direction of the light is one side or two sides. It is installed on the road or in the plaza to create a special lighting.

Outdoor Step Lights

The outdoor step light is suitable for pedestrian lighting in corners, flower beds, stairs, etc. If it is installed on a step, it is recommended to install at the position where the step edge is aligned with the center of the step lights.

Like the foot lamp mentioned in the architectural lighting, it is also often used in the courtyard. It has a variety of shapes in addition to squares, strips, etc. But its purpose is the same to illuminate the ground and provide a normal walking lighting.

Outdoor Step Lights

Linear Guardrail Light

As the name suggest, the linear guardrail light is installed on the guardrial or handrail.

LED Underwater Light

The LED underwater lights are widely used as exterior lighting fixtures: LED fountain lights, LED pond lights and LED pool lights. The underwater light is installed directly in the water or in a hole in the water. So it requires IP68 rating.

Built-in LED pool light

It is suitable for decoration and lighting of large swimming pools, tall fountains, etc.

Surface mounted pool light

It is suitable for deep water (> 300mm) pool bottom, fountain, falling water, stream bottom and other lighting.

LED Strip Light

It is widely used in outdoor hiding places, such as the steps.

The LED strip light is also often used in the landscape. The most important thing use low pressure instead of high pressure in the places where people can reach.

Large Footlights

It is suitable for road lighting where it is inconvenient to install other lamps (such as garage entrances). The height of the footlight center from the ground is 300 ~ 500mm.

Commonly Used Functional Lighting

What is functional lighting? It is outdoor lighting fixtures that must meet the standard requirements.

It is suitable for lane lighting with heavy traffic.
Light Source: More than 150W Metal Halide Lamp, high pressure sodium lamp or more than 100W LED light source.
Lamp post height 6m -12m

The international standard stipulates what kind of brightness standard the road must meet. The poles of street lights are generally relatively high, at least 6 meters and 8 meters. Large roads may be 12 meters and 14 meters.

led street light

Tunnel Light

Suitable for urban tunnel, mountain-crossing tunnel and river-crossing tunnel.
Light Source: Fluorescent Lamp, High Pressure Sodium lamp or LED light source
Install methods : top or side mounting

Stadium Light

Suitable for exterior lighting in soccer field, tennis court and other places that need high lighting.
Light Source: more than 250W Metal Halide lamp, or more than 200W LED stadium light.

Tunnel Light


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