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As a reliable office lighting supplier in China, we manufacture LED panel light, LED linear light, LED tube bulb, LED tri proof light and LED downlights. Our factory pass ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and our LED lights are CE, RoHS, CB, UL, ETL, TUV, SAA, C-tick certification listed.

If you are LED lights wholesalers or distributors, our 5000 square meters factory and 78 skilled workers provide you with enough production capacity and you don’t need to worry about delivery time and quality issues. Besides, we can provide color box customization and logo printing services to help your brand promotion.

If you are electrical contractors or lighting designers, we have professional R&D teams to provide you with one-stop service for lighting layout and lighting design in your project.

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KYD Manufactures One-stop Office Lighting for Your Business

Being a premier office lighting supplier, our office lighting not only can provide a comfortable light environment to improve the efficiency of employees, but also supply a beautiful shape, which makes the office space look upscale.Our office lighting solutions can virtually divide the space, can guide the flow of people, and can focus on the sight.You can customize the linear light’s size and design the shape according to your projects. In the terms of the LED panel light, you can customize the size and pattern for your special need.

Why Choose KYD as Your Office Lighting Supplier

Rich Experience

We had office lighting manufacturing experience since 2008 and we can offer one-stop complete office lighting products and solutions.

Considerate Service

24/7 Online Support and prompt reply.You can also contact us by Skype, Whatsapp or Wechat. We will offer professional technical support.

Fast Delivery

Our stable supply chain and large quantities of raw materials in house ensure you can get the the office lighting fixtures on time.

Competitive Price

We produce some core parts of the office lighting fixtures, like the LED light frames and LED drivers in house.That is why our office lighting fixtures' price is attactive.

The Best Office Lighting Manufacturer

From raw material inspection to packaging and delivery, our factory strictly implement the ISO9001: 2008 quality system standard. We use top-brand LED drivers for the office lighting fixtures, such as Lifud, Boke, Philips and Tridonic drivers.

And we use high-efficiency and high-indicator Philips, Nichia, Osram and Citizen LED chips. The body is all made of aluminum with a heat dissipation coefficient of up to 196W/ ℃. Our skilled workers use high-quality materials to make high-performance office lighting.


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Contact us to OEM LED Offlice Lighting and Skyrocket Your Business!​​

We will offer one-stop OEM service to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Office lighting is the lighting used in public office, public aisle, single office and meeting room. It usually use LED panel lights, recessed LED downlights, recessed LED spotlights, LED track lighting, surface mounted LED downlight, LED linear lights.

Office lighting should provide a simple and bright environment for the office to meet the needs of employees in work, communication, thinking, meetings, etc., but also maintain the unity and comfort between areas and improve the efficiency of employees. At the same time, a good image can be spread to the visitors through the office space.

Illumination requirements are different in different areas of the office. Generally there will be a reference data. For example, the illuminance requirement for an ordinary office is 300 lux and the high-end office is 500 lux; The conference room, reception room and reception desk is 300 lux; the illuminance for a business hall is 300 lux; the data archive room is generally 200 lux; and 150 lux for aisles and stairs is sufficient .

Reasonable office lighting can relieve employees’ eye fatigue and create a more comfortable and efficient office environment. The color temperature of the office lighting plays a important role in it. 3000K color temperature can stimulate the body to secrete hormones and let people in a state of relaxation and promote sleep. The 5500K color temperature can activate the brain network system to increase the level of human awakening, which helps to increase the efficiency of mental activities and thus improve the efficiency of work. Therefore, the lounge uses 3000-4000K color temperature lights. And the office, meeting and conference areas usually use 5000-6500k color temperature.

KYDLED has 12 years of experience in the production of office lighting fixtures. Our products are concise and elegant and they are in line with people’s aesthetics. We use well-know brand LED drivers and LED chips. The quality is guaranteed. The use of anti-glare design relieves eye fatigue and make the office environment more comfortable and improve staff efficiency.

Reception: the design should consider the office lighting fixtures to provide a certain illumination and we also should consider the diversification of lighting shapes to make the lighting design consistent with the corporate image.

Open office area: the lighting shoud be uniform and comfortable. The use of LED linear lights, LED panel lights can effectively reduce glare.

Meeting room: The lighting should be concentrated on the conference table to make people concentrate and improve the efficiency of the meeting.

Recreation area: LED linear light is ideal choice to set off the atmosphere. The Illumination should not be strong and it is better to be comfortable and not dazzling.

Public channel: it can select the LED downlights and control the illumination at 150-200lux .

There are many ways to install office lighting fixtures: suspensed, recessed, surface mounted and tracking installation.

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