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As a top industrial lighting company in China, our company manufacture LED corn bulb, LED high bay lights, UFO light, LED tri proof light, LED batten light and linear LED high bays as workshop lights, warehouse lights, LED garage lights, cold storage lights, ect.

Our factory is specializing in offering one-stop industrial lighting solutions for whosalers, distributors, electrical contractors and lighting designers all over the world. We supply high quality and 5 years warranty LED lights for you, so that you can save maintenance costs

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10+ years industrial lighting manufacturing experience

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50,000pcs industrial lighting fixtures production capacity per month

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We have 5000 ㎡workshops, 1000 ㎡ warehouses, 78 professional workers, 5 engineers, 10 QC and various test equipments. We can produce 50,000pcs industrial lights every month to meet your needs.

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10+ years LED lights OEM & ODM manufacturing history


Our industrial LED lights are CE,LVD,EMC,RoHS CB, UL, ETL, TUV, SAA, C-tick listed

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As a China’s leading industrial lighting manufacturer, we provide the most reliable and competitive LED industrial lighting. We can provide industrial lighting fixtures with multiple standards and quality assurance according to your needs.

You will not sacrifice quality because of different standards. We will never use inferior materials to lower the price to obtain your order and lose 10+ years our factory reputation.


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We will offer one-stop OEM service to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out our answers here. 

Industrial lighting usually refers to workshop, warehouse, cold storage, which is used for the lighting of space environment places for production applications. The main products are LED corn bulb, LED Tri proof light, LED UFO light, linear high bay light, LED high bay light, etc.

According to different production environments choose different industrial lighting fixtures. 1. General production plant: our LED corn bulb, LED Tri proof light, LED UFO light, linear high bay light, LED high bay light can meet your needs; 2. Explosion and fire hazard production plants: choose explosion-proof and fireproof LED industrial light. 3. In dusty, humid, high temperature, acid or alkali corrosion or radiation production workshop: special lighting fixtures are required.

High CRI restores the characteristics of the object very well, allowing workers to assemble parts accurately and reduce the error rate in the production process.

KYDLED is a top industrial lighting Manufacturer & Supplier. We have 10+ years experience in industrial lights production. Our industrial lighting fixtures use MEAN WELL driver, Philips and Nichia chip and ultra-fast heat dissipation body. And we strictly implement the ISO9001:2008 quality management system.There is no problem in use, thus gaining the trust of global customers.

We cooperate with LED driver brands such as Meanwell, MOSO, Inventronics and Sosen. We use Philips, Nichia, Osram, Cree and Bridgelux LED chips. The heat sink adopts aluminum material with heat dissipation coefficient up to 196W / ℃. As a best LED industrial lighting Manufacturer & Supplier in China, we use good materials to manufacture high-quality industrial lighting.

1500-3000 lux is required for precision testing and precision operations. 750-1500 lux is required for painting, assembly lines and design rooms. 150-300 lux is required for electrical rooms, casting, dyeing,  entrance, passages, stairs, corridors and warehouses with operating sites . According to different needs, we can provide various types of industrial lighting.

The illuminance on the floor of the warehouse should not be less than 50 lux to meet the warehouse lighting illuminance requirements. Industrial lighting fixtures need to use long-life products to reduce the usual maintenance costs. KYDLED supply high quality and reliable LED corn bulb, UFO light, linear high bay light for you.

Cold storage lights must be adapted to low temperature and humid environments and should also be explosion-proof. Our LED tri-proof lights has a moisture-proof and explosion-proof design. Its operating temperature of the driver is as low as -20 ℃, which is very suitable for the cold storage lighting.

LED tri-proof lights can prevent moisture, dust and corrosion. KYD LED tri-proof lights are high light efficiency, high reliability, easy installation and wiring. We can add the microwave induction function to the lights. The LED tri-proof lights turn on when the car come and the lights turn off when the car go off. Therefore, it is widely used in underground parking lots.

Yes, HID lamp base are generally E26, E27, E39, E40 and LED corn bulb have the same lamp base, which can directly replace HID. At the same time, the luminous angle of the HID is 360 ° and the luminous angle of the LED corn bulb is the same. You just need to choose a corn bulb of the same brightness to match your HID.

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