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As a best commercial lighting manufacturer and supplier in China, KYDLED produce commercial LED lighting more than 10 years, and have witnessed the rapid development of LED industry. With the improvement of LED chips and LED driver efficiency and performance, a large number of commercial applications are driven to use commercial LED lighting to reduce their operating costs. We are the commercial lighting supplier of Philips & Cree Lighting, And focus on becoming the top commercial lighting manufacturer in the world. Why do so many commercial lighting contractors or distributors choose KYDLED as their commercial lighting supplier, because we meet the following requirements:

In the highly competitive business environment, commercial lighting design has become a very effective marketing method. According to observations, the sales of stores with good lighting effects are significantly higher than those of stores with ordinary lighting effects. You will be curious about what causes such a strange phenomenon? The key lies in the shop lighting layout and the use of high-quality commercial lighting lights. The store chose commercial lamps with high color rendering index and flicker-free power supply to make the entire store in a comfortable environment, make the goods more prominent the essence of the object, attract the attention of customers, and promote the sale of goods.

The following share our experience of being a high-quality indoor commercial lighting supplier, including LED commercial lighting fixtures quality, commercial LED lighting fixtures production capacity, LED commercial lighting design, commercial LED lighting product catalog and LED commercial lighting products warranty & after sales. As a top commercial lighting manufacturer, we hope that our sharing can help commercial lighting users around the world.

LED commercial lighting fixtures quality

As one of top commercial light fixture manufacturers, stable and reliable LED commercial lighting fixtures is our standard. Like other high-end commercial lighting manufacturers and suppliers, high-quality raw materials are used by KYD, but our prices are often only half of theirs. Our raw materials include high brightness, high color rendering index Philips or Osram LED chips, constant current LED drivers, such as well-known brand Philips or Lifud, good heat dissipation performance of die-cast aluminum or 6063 aluminum. More than ten years of commercial LED lighting production experience and high-quality raw materials have made our commercial LED lighting fixtures a place in the market.

Commercial LED lighting production capacity

As one of the global commercial lighting suppliers, we have the ability to provide sufficient commercial lighting fixtures for global commercial lighting distributors and various lighting contractors. We can produce more than 800,000pcs of various lighting fixtures in one month. The 5000 square meter workshop has 10 production lines of various lamps and lamps aging lines. The 3000 square meter warehouse can store a large amount of raw materials and finished LED light products. A sound and strong supply chain enables our commercial lighting factory to obtain all the raw materials capable of producing finished products in a short time. We have enough ability to provide you with stable and reliable commercial lighting fixtures on time.

LED commercial lighting design

Proper design of commercial lighting is helpful for merchandise sales. For example, the brightness requirements of our entire store and the accent lighting of the products can arouse customers’ strong interest in the products. The design of commercial lighting is based on general lighting, highlighting that lighting can enhance the grade of goods. Generally speaking, general lighting uses LED downlights, LED panel lights, LED corn lights, LED linear lights and LED high bay lights as the main lamp fixtures. For prominent lighting, LED track lights, retractable trim downlights, and adjustable LED downlights are common light fixtures.

Commercial LED Lighting Product Catalog

KYDLED is a commercial lighting manufacturer and supplier who focusing on outdoor and indoor commercial lighting. We have been at the forefront of LED lights R&D and design. Our product catalog provides various types of indoor and outdoor commercial lighting fixtures so that they can meet your various performance and use environment requirements. Our commercial LED lighting product catalog includes commercial LED shop lights, commercial LED panel lights, LED linear lights, commercial LED tube lights, commercial LED high bay lights, LED corn lamps, commercial LED track lights, commercial LED street lights and commercial downlights .

LED commercial lighting products warranty & after sales

As one of the best commercial LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers, KYDLED strives to provide satisfactory after-sales service to commercial lighting users worldwide. Our commercial lighting fixtures provide a 2-5 year warranty. During the warranty period, if the product is damaged by non-human or irresistible factors, you can directly consult your local dealer for replacement or contact us to directly provide you with a new substitute. Because of this, global commercial lighting company again and again to purchase KYDLED products.

Manufacturing high-quality LED light fixtures make us a well-known commercial lighting manufacturer and supplier in the world. However, we will continue to win the trust of customers with quality and service, and continue to strongly support global commercial lighting company.

Your Reliable Commercial Lighting Manufacturer and Supplier

As a leading commercial lighting company in China, KYDLED manufacture commercial LED shop lights, commercial LED panel lights, LED strip lights, LED linear lights, commercial LED tube lights, commercial LED high bay lights, LED corn bulbs, commercial LED track lights and commercial LED downlights for shopping malls, supermarkets, retail chains, ect. We are committed to providing one-stop commercial lighting solutions for distributors, whosalers, contractors, and designers worldwide and assist them to sucessfully complete their commercial lighting projects in time and within budget.  

No matter how small or large scale projects for commercial building, our company will offer you the most professional LED commercial lighting one-in-all services, from pre-sale consultation, technical support (IES files, Dialux design), order following-up, shipping, to Commercial lighting installation guide.


Rich Experience in Commercial Lighting Manufacturing & Application Solutions

We supply many kinds of LED lights for various commercial lighting applications. Shopping centers generally use commercial LED downlights and commercial LED panel lights and LED under cabinet lights. Supermarkets generally use commercial LED tubes, commercial LED shop lights and LED linear lights. Chain stores generally use LED corn bulb and commercial LED high bay lights .

You can choose the corresponding commercial LED light products on your project. Commercial lighting fixtures have a service life of 50,000 hours and have high color rendering properties. Commercial lighting fixtures with high color rendering properties in various shopping malls will produce comfortable visual effects and increase people’s desire to buy goods. We offer 2-5 years warranty for LED commercial lights. Contact us to custom commercial lighting and get commercial lighting solution.

Why Choose KYD as Your Commercial Lighting Supplier

Rich Experience

We had LED lights manufacturing since 2008 and we can offer one-stop complete commercial lighting products and solutions.

Considerate Service

24/7 Online Support and prompt reply.You can also contact us by Skype, Whatsapp or Wechat. We will offer professional technical support about commercial lighting.

Fast Delivery

Our stable supply chain and large quantities of raw materials in house ensure you can get the the commercial lighting fixtures on time.

Competitive Price

We produce some core parts of the commercial lighting fixtures, like the LED drivers in house. That is why our LED lights price is attactive.

The Best Commercial Lighting Manufacturer and Supplier

Our commercial lighting company strictly follows the process of ISO9001 quality certification system. From incoming material inspection, production control, aging testing, quality control to package for commercial LED lights, to ensure you are provided with high quality commercial fixture products. We provide high-efficiency, anti-glare, and non-stroboscopic light fixture commercial. Our commercial LED light fixtures have long life, low energy efficiency, and no harmful substances, which directly reduce your electricity bills, reduce your maintenance times, and bring you rich Economic benefits. Choosing KYDLED as your commercial lighting supplier will save you the trouble of looking for after-sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial lighting usually refers to the lighting for commercial premises. The main products are LED panel light, LED downlight, LED linear light, LED tube light, LED corn bulb, LED track light, LED shop light, LED spotlight, LED ceiling spotlights, LED recessed downlights, LED recessed spotlights, LED grille downlights, LED surface mounted downlights, LED hanging lights, etc.

A professional commercial lighting supplier should have R & D, production, after-sales service and be able to provide customers with IES files, dialux design capabilities and be able to control the budget and timely delivery. We can provide you with these, so we are your best commercial lighting supplier.

Comfortable LED lights can attract customers to pay attention to goods and enhance their desire to buy. Which is better, high CRI or low CRI? The high CRI can show the original color and characteristics of the commodities, while the low CRI irradiation is very dark and the color is not bright. KYDLED as a professional commercial lighting manufacturer, our LED lights have CRI>80, the highest can achieve CRI>97.

If you want to hire a professional electrician to install LED commercial lighting, this cost is very expensive. As a best commercial lighting application solution’s supplier, we use quick connect terminals to save you 1/3 of the cost during installation.

Commercial lighting is usually used in department stores, shopping malls, specialty stores, vegetable markets, chain supermarkets, trailer lighting, etc.

Traditional lights are high power consumption, short lifespan and high maintenance cost. In order to reduce costs, we need to use LED commercial lights with better energy saving, longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs. Implementing traditional commercial lighting renovations is conducive to saving energy, directly reducing your daily costs, and indirectly increasing your profits.

Commercial Lighting design in the mall is very important. The lighting system of the mall should be completely presented which make people feel comfortable and Increase consumers’ desire buying. 1. Create good visual conditions to ensure adequate lighting quality in shopping malls 2. Create a good business atmosphere, attract customers’ shopping desire 3.the lighting can change when the goods and shelves change.

The commercial LED lights need to be used continuously for more than 12 hours a day in the shopping center. If you chooce the bad quality commercial LED lights, you will ready to replace the commercial lights every day. The lowest price LED lights commercial start to save money for you, but you will pay a bigger price for your choice in the future. High-quality commercial luminaires are more expensive than lower-quality commercial luminaires. But they will not bring you maintenance costs, and there is no need to replace a commercial luminaire even in a few years. It saves you a lot of labor and material costs. So commercial fixtures should be purchased from professional commercial lighting manufacturers to avoid countless after-sales problems.

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