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Your Reliable Commercial Lighting Manufacturer

As a leading commercial lighting company in China, our company manufacture LED shop light, LED panel light, LED linear light, LED tube light, LED hibay light, LED corn bulb and LED downlight for shopping malls, supermarkets, retail chains, ect. We are committed to providing one-stop commercial lighting solutions for distributors, whosalers, contractors, and designers worldwide and assist them to sucessfully complete their lighting projects in time and within budget.

No matter how small or large scale projects, our company will offer you the most professional one-in-all services, from pre-sale consultation, technical support (IES files, Dialux design), order following-up, shipping to installation guide.


Rich Experience in Commercial Lighting Manufacturing & Application Solutions

We supply many kinds of LED lights for various commercial lighting applications. Shopping centers generally use LED downlights and LED panel lights. Supermarkets generally use LED tubes, LED shop lights and LED linear lights. Chain stores generally use LED corn bulb and LED high bays. You can choose the corresponding product on your project.

Why Choose KYD as Your Commercial Lighting Supplier

Rich Experience

We had LED lights manufacturing since 2008 and we can offer one-stop complete commercial lighting products and solutions.

Considerate Service

24/7 Online Support and prompt reply.You can also contact us by Skype, Whatsapp or Wechat. We will offer professional technical support.

Fast Delivery

Our stable supply chain and large quantities of raw materials in house ensure you can get the the commercial lighting fixtures on time.

Competitive Price

We produce some core parts of the commercial lighting fixtures, like the LED drivers in house. That is why our LED lights price is attactive.

The Best Commercial Lighting Manufacturer

Our factory strictly follows the process of ISO9001: 2008 quality certification system, from incoming material inspection, production control, aging testing, quality control to LED lights package, to ensure you are provided with high quality commercial LED lights.



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We will offer one-stop OEM service to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial lighting usually refers to the lighting for commercial premises. The main products are LED panel light, LED downlight, LED linear light, LED tube light, LED corn bulb, LED track light, LED shop light, LED spotlight, LED ceiling spotlights, LED recessed downlights, LED recessed spotlights, LED grille downlights, LED surface mounted downlights, LED hanging lights, etc.

A professional commercial lighting supplier should have R & D, production, after-sales service and be able to provide customers with IES files, dialux design capabilities and be able to control the budget and timely delivery. We can provide you with these, so we are your best commercial lighting supplier.

Comfortable LED lights can attract customers to pay attention to goods and enhance their desire to buy. Which is better, high CRI or low CRI? The high CRI can show the original color and characteristics of the commodities, while the low CRI irradiation is very dark and the color is not bright. KYDLED as a professional commercial lighting manufacturer, our LED lights have CRI>80, the highest can achieve CRI>97.

If you want to hire a professional electrician to install LED commercial lighting, this cost is very expensive. As a best commercial lighting application solution’s supplier, we use quick connect terminals to save you 1/3 of the cost during installation.

Commercial lighting is usually used in department stores, shopping malls, specialty stores, vegetable markets, chain supermarkets, car stores, etc.

Traditional lights are high power consumption, short lifespan and high maintenance cost. In order to reduce costs, we need to use LED commercial lights with better energy saving, longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs. Implementing traditional commercial lighting renovations is conducive to saving energy, directly reducing your daily costs, and indirectly increasing your profits.

Commercial Lighting design in the mall is very important. The lighting system of the mall should be completely presented which make people feel comfortable and Increase consumers’ desire buying. 1. Create good visual conditions to ensure adequate lighting quality in shopping malls 2. Create a good business atmosphere, attract customers’ shopping desire 3.the lighting can change when the goods and shelves change.

The LED lights need to be used continuously for more than 12 hours a day in the shopping center. If you chooce the bad quality LED lights, you will replace the lights every day. The lowest price LED lights start to save money for you, but you will pay more money for your choice. High-quality commercial lighting fixtures are more expensive than lower-quality LED lights, but the former one will not bring you maintenance costs and there is no need to replace a luminaire even in a few years.

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