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Indoor and outdoor LED lights fixture comes from KYDLED-one of the best LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China, we produce LED lights over 12 years. If you are looking for a professional and reliable LED lights manufacturer and supplier, KYDLED is your best choice. We have rich experience to manufacture all types of LED lights with high quality and competitive price. We effer 2-5years warranty for our LED lighting products. Please rest assured to purchase LED lights from our LED lighting factory.

The Advantages Of LED Lights

Compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, halogen lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and low-pressure sodium lamps, LED lighting is a new lighting technology. The advantages of LED lighting are high light efficiency, no harmful substances, and long life. For example, the flux of 60w incandescent bulb is generally only 480lm-600lm, and 5W/6W LED bulb can be completely replaced, saving 10 times of electricity than incandescent lamp. Incandescent lamp use time is generally only 1000-3000 hours, LED light bulb 25,000 hours are general requirements. More importantly, LED bulb light does not use glass, and all accessories are environmentally friendly. As the technology matures and costs decrease, LED lights will eventually replace the traditional lighting market.

Some Terms You Need to Know About LED Lighting

1. Color rendering

The degree to which the light of LED lamp presents the color of the object itself is called color rendering, which is the degree of color fidelity. The color rendering of LED lights is represented by the color rendering index, the color rendering index represents the color deviation of LED lights from standard light (sunlight) when illuminating an object, and can more fully reflect the color characteristics of LED lamps. LED lights with high color rendering have better color performance, and the colors we see are close to natural colors. LED lights with low color rendering have poor color performance, and the color deviations we see are also larger. The International Commission of Illumination (CIE) sets the color rendering index of the sun as Ra100. The color rendering index of various light sources is different, such as: high pressure sodium lamp color rendering index Ra=23, fluorescent tube color rendering index  Ra=60~90, LED lamps color rendering index Ra=70~95.

There are two types of color rendering:     

Faithful color rendering: to correctly express the original color of the substance, the color rendering index (high Ra light source, the value is close to Ra100 , the best color rendering).     

Effect color rendering: To clearly emphasize a specific color, you can use additive color to enhance the color rendering effect to express the beautiful life.

The principle of choosing the color rendering index of LED lights: In order to increase the brightness of outdoor lights, choose LED lights with a color rendering index greater than Ra70.  For home lighting and general lighting applications, choosing LED lights with a color rendering index greater than Ra80 can meet the needs. Museum lighting and display lighting are special. They need to restore the true colors of objects, so you need to choose LED lights with a color rendering index greater than Ra95.

2. Color temperature

Expressed in absolute temperature K, that is heating a standard black body, when the temperature rises to a certain degree, the color starts to change from dark red-light red-orange red-white-blue. When the color of the light of LED light fixtures and the black body are the same, we call the absolute temperature of the black body at that time the color temperature of the light of LED light fixtures. Since the correlated color temperature is an evaluation value of the light color performance of LED lamps when the black body radiation is close to the light color of LED lamps. It is not an accurate color contrast. Therefore, different LED ligh bulbs with the same color temperature may have slight differences in the appearance of light colors. However, the color temperature alone cannot determine the color rendering ability of LED light lamps or the degree of color rendering of the object under LED light lamps.

Color temperature of LED lights below 3300K: The light color is reddish, giving people a warm feeling and a stable atmosphere.

3000-6000K color temperature of LED lights: people have no obvious visual psychological effects at this color temperature, and they have a refreshing feeling, which is also called neutral color temperature.

Color temperature of LED lights above 6000K: The light color is bluish, giving people a cool feeling.

The choice of color temperature and brightness about LED lighting:

under high color temperature LED light, if the brightness is too low, it will give people a gloomy atmosphere; under low color temperature LED light, if the brightness is too high, it will give people a sultry feeling.

Using two LED light fixtures with a large color temperature difference in the same space, while obtaining brightness, the color temperature layering effect is very good.

The conventional color temperatures of LED lights on the market are mainly 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K.

3. Light efficiency

An important indicator to measure the energy saving of a LED light is the luminous flux emitted by the LED light divided by the credit consumed by the light source, unit: lm/W. The higher luminous efficiency value, the stronger ability of LED light to convert electrical energy into light energy, which means that LED light is more energy-saving when LED lights provide the same brightness. Under the same power, the brightness of LED light is higher.

4. Luminous flux

The unit is lumens (lm), and all the radiant energy emitted by a LED lamp and perceived by the human eye is called luminous flux. We can understand it as the sum of light energy emitted by the LED lamp. It play a guiding role when we replacing traditional lights. For example, if the flux of fluorescent light is 500lm, then we can use about 500lm LED lamp to replace.


The illuminance produced by a luminous flux of 1lm (lumens) evenly distributed on a surface of 1 square meter, in lux (lux, lx). The illuminance has a relationship with the light emitting angle and distance. When we use LED lamp to design lighting, lux is a commonly used indicator. For example, the illuminance of the warehouse needs 50lux and the office countertop needs 200-300lux.

KYDLED is a China LED lights manufacturer. We produce LED lights suitable for various usage environments. Send us an email, our LED lighting expert are waiting for you, and solve your problem.

LED Lights Manufacturing Expert in China

As one of the top LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are specializing in developing, producing and wholesale various types of LED lights. Based on our rich LED lighting manufacturing experience, we offer wide range of commercial LED lighting, industrial LED lighting, outdoor LED lighting and office LED lighting with fantistic quality and at excellent value.

Whether you are an LED lights importer, wholesaler, distributor, lighting brand manufacturer, contractor, lighting designer or construction company, we can provide all-in-one LED lights OEM and ODM service, from pre-sales LED lighting consultation, technical support, order tracking, quality control, packaging design, freight consignment and after-sales service.   

LED lights Manufacturing Expert in China

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KYD Manufacture Various LED Lights for Your Business

As one of the top LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers in ShenZhen China, we manufacture kinds types of LED lamps. From the application scenarios, we offer commercial LED lighting, industrial LED lighting, outdoor LED lighting, office LED lighting, home LED lighting, etc. In the terms of types of LED lamps, we produce LED panel lights, LED linear lights, LED spotlights, LED downlights, LED tube lights, LED corn bulbs, LED high bay lights, LED flood lights, LED street lights, LED track lights, LED shop lights and LED strip lights, etc. You can buy all LED lights from our LED lights factory, contact us to become our LED lighting wholesaler and distributor.

LED lights manufacturer-commercial led lighting

We offer complete commercial LED lighting solutions for shopping malls, hotels, retail stores, warehouses, such as LED panel light, LED shop light, LED track light, LED tube lightLED downlights and LED spot lights

Usually, the working time of the commercial LED lighting products is longer than residetial lighting’s. So we must use the best raw materials and strict quality inspections to ensure the LED lights fixtures last for ages.

LED lights manufacturer-industrial led lighting

The industrial LED lighting fixtures are mainly used at factories, workshops, supermarkets, warehouses, cold storage and garages. Our LED high bay lights, LED tri proof lights, high power

LED corn bulbs are ideal LED light fixtures for these applications. Considering its costly installation and maintenance, we manufacture and provide the excellent quality industrial LED lights to you. This is why we have no quality complain during the warranty period.

LED lights manufacturer Office LED lighting

LED linear lights are widely used for office LED lighting, such as public office areas, office buildings, business centers, reception areas, lounges, etc. No matter what the size, shape, 

brightness, surface mounted or pendant lighting, we can offer custom lighting for any projects needs. Our professional LED lights expert team will help you to realize the creative and amazing projects to your customers.

LED lights manufacturer-outdoor led lighting

Our outdoor LED lighting fixtures are featured as high power, high brightness, light volume, easy installation and mostly free maintenance cost. It is widely used in roadways, outdoor 

parking lots, stadiums, squares, airports, etc. As a best LED lights manufacturer and supplier, we provide many types of outdoor LED lighting to meet your needs. We produce LED street lights, LED flood light, LED wall washer, etc.

Why Choose KYD as Your OEM LED Lights Manufacturer & Supplier

 To us, there is no small business to ignore.If you have just entered the LED industry or your order is not very large, we are happy to provide you with a full range of services to help your company grow. Working with us, you will have a professional and efficient LED lighting production team and complete LED lights production lines, which help you maximize your brand value and expand your product portfolio.

Rich Experience

We had LED lights manufacturing since 2008 and we can offer one-stop OEM/ODM service to boom your business.

Considerate Service

24/7 Online Support and prompt reply.You can also contact us by Skype, Whatsapp or Wechat.​

Fast Delivery

Our stable supply chain and large quantities of raw materials in house ensure fast delivery.

Competitive Price

Most raw materials were produced in our factory. That is why our LED lights price is attactive.

How can We Manufacture the Brilliant LED Lights

LED lights manufacturer-Incoming Material Inspection_

LED Light Manufacturer Incoming Material Inspection

Incoming material inspection is the first quality control of LED lighting products before production. It is very important to the whole control quality process. It can prevent unqualified raw materials into use and ensure LED lights’quality. As the top LED light manufacturer and supplier, we carry out incoming inspection for each batch of each raw material.

LED Light Manufacturer Production Control

Every process in the production of a good quality LED light must be careful. An error in one of the processes will cause the LED lights to be flawed or even unusable or a problem will occur during use. So every employee of KYD’s production lines must be trained to meet the standards before taking up his job. Every procedure must go through quality control sampling inspection. After elaborately manufacturing, our LED lights will exceed your expectations.

production control-from LED lights supplier KYD
Aging testing-from led lights manufacturer KYD

LED Light Manufacturer Aging Testing

Every LED light must undergo strict aging testing before leaving our LED lighting factory. We guarantee that each batch of LED lights need to be aged for more than 24 hours. 

During the aging process, the LED lights must pass 500 switching shocks and the input voltage is cycled from 100V to 240V. Our LED luminaires are tested under 

various strict conditions and can only be shipped out after reach the standard.If the LED lights has the problems of color difference and dead lights during the aging process, our workers must take out the defective LED lights, replacing the accessories to aging again and analyze the reasons for the unqualified LED lamps.

LED Light Manufacturer Quality Control

As an ISO 9001: 2015 certified LED lighting manufacturer and supplier, we have 10 QC employees undergoing rigorous inspections to ensure that the passing rate of LED lights reaches 100%. 

Each batch of LED lights must go through Hi-pot test, surge test, EMI test, waterproof test, drop test, ect. We will draw 10% LED lights for luminous flux test. 

Only LED lamps that have passed the above tests are allowed to leave the factory. In addition to the above measures, the LED lights quality control department publishes monthly quality reports to all workers every month and focuses on training workers who have quality problems and educates others to strengthen LED lights quality awareness in order to prevent quality problems from happening again.

Quality Control from led lights manufacturer KYD
LED lights manufacturer package

LED Lights Package

You can design your own LED lights package for your brand promotion according to the dimensions we provide.We can also offer custom packaging services to you if needed. 

We will provide the LED light package sample for your comfirmation before mass production. In order to avoid LED lights damage during transportation, 

our packaging design is subjected to vibration and drop tests. Then we will choose the materials that are suitable for transport and impact, e.g. for LED lights with larger weight and volume, we have added pearl cotton, and for lighter weight and smaller volume LED lights, we use cardboard to tighten. This ensures the LED lights are intact in the your hands.

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Our LED Lights Honored Certifications

As one of the professional LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers, our LED lighting factory has ISO9001:2015 certification. And our LED lights have CE certification, SAA certification, ETL certification, CB certification, PSE certification and UL certification. The quality management system certification ensures the standardized management of our LED lights factory and eliminates internal quality problems. LED lights certification allows our products to comply with international safety standards. You have a fundamental guarantee when purchasing LED lights from our LED lights factory.

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KYDLED met customer in LED lighting fair

Brad is a LED lights wholesaler and distributor from Utah, United State. Our LED lights factory participated in the lighting exhibition, we met on the 

HongKong lighting fair and started our LED lighting business relationship since 2013. We are happy to support him to build his own LED lighting brand. And our high quality and competitive LED lights help him to win the customers in his market.

KYD LED lights factory visiting 02

Marc is one of the Commercial lighting suppliers from Germany. He were looking for LED shop light manufacturers for supermarket chain. From search, he found

us and bought samples. After samples confirmation and our LED lights factory visiting, he placed two 40GP LED shop lights. Now, he is not only buying LED shop lights from us, but also LED panel light, LED down lights and LED track lights.

KYD LED lights factory visiting

Martin and Reno are from Netherland. Beforing meeting with our LED light factory, they are headache to the bad quality problem from their former LED 

light manufacturer and supplier. They found us through the HongKong lighting exhibition in 2015 and purchased UFO LED high bay lights, LED linear lights and LED corn lights in our LED light So far, he has not received complaints from customers.

KYD met customer in LED lighting fair 07

Stephane is from UK, who was a electrical wholesaler. He wanted to start LED lighting business but he did not find a qualified LED lights manufacture and

supplier. We met in HongKong lighting fair and he bought GU10 LED bulbs and  LED down lights samples. After one-year testing, he placed the offical orders. In 2017, our hot fire rated downlights helped skyroket his LED lights business.

KYDLED met customer in LED lighting fair 04 06

In 2016, Colin was a lighting designer. At that time, he had a LED lighting project bid for an office area. Through our German partner introduction, he found our 

 salesman manager Jessie. With the assistance of Jessie, he successfully won and completed this LED office lighting project. A large number of LED panel lights and LED linear lights were used. Since then,  our LED lighting factory have been his exclusive LED lighting supplier.

KYDLED met customer in LED lighting fair 03

Oliver is a building lighting contractor. He came to Hong Kong Lighting Fair to find LED lights manufacturers and suppliers. His project needs many types 

 of LED lamps, and many LED lights manufacturers and suppliers cannot provide him with all the products he needs. We manufactures various types of LED lamps, including commercial LED lighting, industcial LED lighting, office LED lighting ,outdoor LED lighting , which meet all his engineering needs, so he became our the most loyal customer.

LED lights manufacturer KYDLED founder

KYDLED Founder Introduction

Sam Zhao is the founder of KYDLED. Since its establishment in 2008, Sam led the team dedicated to commercial LED lighting, industrial LED lighting, office LED lighting and outdoor LED lighting.  He insisted on being customer-centric and creating value for customers through innovative LED lights. He built KYDLED be a reputable and trustworthy top LED light manufacturer and supplier in China.

Our Clients Say

These people are addorable.The bulbs I ordered have been working well so far.
Bob, LED distributor,
I quited my former supplier, because they didn’t offer full warranty.Then I found KYD. Quality is ok. and they help me solve the defective products issues.
Ben, LED wholesaler,
I like work with this company. They are always prompt. So I don’t need to do so much stock.
Kevin, Ebay LED trading,
Awesome to work with these guys.Good quality and price.The spots they offer always have the constant color tone. I would like to recommend KYDLED.
Carl, lights contractor,

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